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It means being aware that you don't know everything, that you are probably wrong as often as you are right, and that others have as much opportunity to be right if they apply themselves as you do. It also means not fearing to be wrong, but instead viewing it as an opportunity to be right later.

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What does humility mean in the Bible?

Humility in the Bible meant, shame or mortification.

What does it mean a person say your humility strikes me deep?

It means he is impressed by yuor humility.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says your humility strikes him deep?

It is not my humility which strikes my boyfriend deep...

What does humility mean?

Humility is a quality or characteristic ascribed to a person who is considered to be humble, but is more often used to mean "modesty."Humility is derived from the Latin word humilis, which means low, humble, from the earth. A humble person is generally thought to be unpretentious and modest.

What is the Irish for 'humility'?

'Humility is uirísle in Irish.

What are the tools of transformation in critical and creative thinking?

these are the tools that transform you either in the thinking process or as a result of your thinking. such tools include: 1. intellectual humility 2. confidence in reasoning 3. intellectual honesty 4. open mindedness 5. self discipline 6. intellectual tolerance 7. intellectual empathy 8. intellectual integrity 9. intellectual courage among others from john njoroge and samuel kirubi. kenya polytechnic university college

What does meekly mean?

Shyness; humility; soft-spokenness and gentleness.

What does hat in hand mean?

Having an attitude of respect and humility

What are the characteristics of a good Physicist?

Physicist are ordinary people with wonder,inquiry,creativity,intellectual honesty,patience,one mind,love for work,perseverance and humility.

What does intellectual prowess mean?

An intellectual prowess is a display of exceptionally high intelligence and knowledge.

Can you give me a sentence with the word humility?

She asked for a secret to humility. Humility is an important value. He showed humility when he asked for forgiveness. Jessie had too much humility.

What are some antonyms of the word egotism?


What is 'humility' when translated from English to Latin?

"Humility" in English is humilitas in Latin.

What are the scientists common traits?

patient accepting authority perseverance suspending judgement humility intellectual honest truthfulness curiosity constant awareness of the limitetion of scioence hope it will help!!!=)

What does cringing mean?

The word cringing means crouching or cowering, as in fear or humility.

How do use humility in a sentence?

i am in going out in humility

Is egg-head a mean word?

Mean somebody intellectual.

Synonym of humility?

Modesty and unpretentiousness are synonyms for humility.

What is humility in Tagalog and English?

humility in Tagalog: pagpapakumbaba

Is humility a action?

Humility is not an action, it's a quality.

what is the adverb of humility?

The adverb of humility is humbly or meekly.

What does meekness mean?

Meekness is showing patience and humility. Also it is synonmys for submissive and passie.

What does enrichment mean?

To increase and enrich the intellectual capacity.

What does the computer term IP mean?

It can mean "Internet Protocol" or "intellectual property".

Can you put humility in a sentence?

Yes, She felt as if her humility was rising.