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Gravity feed means just that. Some BB guns feed BB into the chamber using a spring to push them. When a BB gun is gravity fed it just means the next BB falls into the loading chamber there is no spring to push them.

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Q: What does it mean if air soft BB's are gravity fed?
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What size air soft BBS do walmart have?

It matters where you live, you can find BBS in Sports.

Do air soft bbs hurt?

it hurts your mom

Is 0.5 on a air soft gun strong?

What 0.5? If you mean the force, 0.5 joules for an airsoft gun is average. If you mean the weight of the BBs, its depend on the speed (fps) of the BB. 0.5 gr BBs is very uncommon/rare.

Are Air soft BBS decomposable?

No not all of them are. They have to say biodegradable on the bag when you buy them.

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No. Wrong size.

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if you mean the air soft pistol then yes it can take both 0.12 and 0.43 plastic bb's

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AIRSOFT guns are not intended to fire anything but soft BBs- AIR SOFT.

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yes because 0.20 and 0.2 are the same even if its air soft guns

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What is a speed loader on an air soft gun?

well there is 2 types Generic: A speedloader on top of a bottle of BBs the you buy Spring: You pop out a plunger and push it in to put the BBs in the magazine