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Q: What does it mean if people tell you that you have a pixie face?
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When will pixie hollow come back?

Yes pixie hollow will come back no matter what people say they will not let us down !! dont listen to people that tell u pixie hollow isnt coming back

Why can't anyone tell us the code for membership in pixie hollowcom?

because it is a secret for people who know what it is.:b

Where can I find tabby in pixie hollow?

Tabby's Tell All is located in Havendish Square, where Pixie Postings is.

How do you get a gay guy off your back?

Tell him you want to do it face to face. Most people, Gay or not will accept the facts if you just tell them. Tell him you are not interested and to stop bothering you.

How to tell if someone is famous or not?

look at their face and look if there are people following them! ∞†

Tell you a way people communicate with their friends?

family feud phone email text letters face to face

Disadvantages of communicating face to face?

Face to face means they can see you. If you are going to tell a lie they may be able to tell by your body language. People can tell a lot by body language. On the other hand an advantage is that you can see there body language. Another disadvantage is if the person you are talking to is violent, they may hit you if you upset them.

How do you tell a girl she is mean?

Tell her she's to rough but can be as rough as she wants to u in the bed. < --: That's not a face.

How do you tell your girlfriend you don't want to be with her anymore?

Face to face. Be honest. You will both find other people someday.

How do you tell someone you are sorry?

Everyone makes mistakes and somtimes people can say things or do things they honestly regret. The only way you can say you are sorry is to talk to the person face to face, look them in the eye and apologize AND MEAN IT! Tell them why you did what you did and tell them you aren't using it as an excuse. The person may not accept your apology or they may and it will take sometime for you to regain their trust back.

When pixie hollow close when it will start?

tell when it will when after closing . when it will start.

Are there any access codes for pixie hollow if you have one tell me?


Can people read emotions?

Some people can tell by another person's face, but for some people, they can't. =D

How can you tell if you're blushing?

You can tell if you're blushing if your face starts to feel hot, or you can ask the people around you.

What does masked-dance mean?

It's were everyone wears a mask on their face, usually just covering their eyes, so that your identity is hidden, however you can sometimes still tell who the people are.

How will you break with Justin Bieber?

you should let ever guy down easily so tell him face to face and try not to say it mean

How do you tell if people are lying?

They have a frown on their face and the eye brown go down

How you tell someone you love them?

Well that's a question that has many answers. You see there are a lot of ways of saying it to someone. You can send them a note, send a text msg, get a friend to tell them or the best way is to tell them face to face so they know you mean it.

What does it mean when a bloke text saying your a nice girl?

IT mean that this bloke wants you he's interested and to shy to tell it to your face.

If a guy likes you and you like him how do you tell him?

What do you mean by "like" do you mean that you're just friends, besides there's no need to be shy, just say it to him face to face, just DON'T text him or message him.

How do you tell a girl I love you?

It's all preference. If you feel like you are ready for that step, the best possible way is to tell her face to face, looking into her eyes and saying it. It makes her feel like you mean it (i hope you do...)

How do you tell someone I love you?

It's all preference. If you feel like you are ready for that step, the best possible way is to tell her face to face, looking into her eyes and saying it. It makes her feel like you mean it (i hope you do...)

How do you stop your big sister from being mean to you?

all you do just slap their face and then slap your own face then tell your mom your sister did it and then tell your mom what did she did on fake hope this will work because mine did......

How do you tell your crush that you like him?

Tell your crush when they are alone. And do it face to face, NO NOTES! Whatever you do. You should tell them face to face. I started out with little love notes but he started thinking it was someone else so I had to tell him face to face and he was grateful for that because he almost asked the wrong girl out.

What should you do if you fall in love how would you tell the person?

tell the person face-to-face. i know its the hardest way but that way you could see that person's reaction. if you tell that person on a text message, im, or on the'd wonder how that person reacted and things like that. its best to tell the person face to face because at least you could tell yourself that you could do things most people can't and show that person you're different from the rest.