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If the pregnancy test was negative, it means that you are not pregnant.


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Some women who have an ectopic pregnancy have a negative pregnancy test. The hCG which gives a positive test result, is released from the embryo implanting in the uterus.

you not going to have a baby

negative= not pregnant positive= pregnant be sure to read the instructions on the pregnancy test package

On a pregnancy test where you get a positive or a negative sign, the positive (plus sign) indicates pregnancy, while the negative indicates non-pregnant.

go to your doctor and get a blood test if you want to make sure.

It depends on what that pregnancy test uses to indicate pregnancy. Read the directions carefully to see what they use to indicate a positive or negative pregnancy test.

You may be pregnant but took the test too early or its a false negative. A blood type is most accurate.

If you took a pregnancy test and it come out negative your not pregnant you should see your doctor because you might be going though menopause.

No. Benadryl does not cause false negative pregnancy test.

A negative (-) means that you are not pregnant. An a on it means that you are pregnant.

Do the test again!! You maybe did it wrong or not enough pee!!

well positive means yes and negative means no.... you cant have both.....

No, a negative pregnancy test means the nausea is caused by something besides pregnancy.

it's possible to be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test. it can be a fault negative.

Regardless of bleeding, a pregnancy test will still detect a pregnancy. If u had a positive pregnancy test and now it is negative and you are bleeding, you likely lost the baby. :(

No , but a negative test can be a false positive .

No, low hCG hormone causes a negative pregnancy test.

BV won't cause a false negative on a pregnancy test.

No, it can't if it's negative it's negative. It has nothing to do with the penicillin. Medicine can't cause a negative pregnancy test.

It means you should take another one

i found out i was pregnant when i was 3 months my pregnancy test came back negative and my hcg level was negative,why is that?

It either means you're not pregnant or not far enough along to detect the pregnancy hormone. A blood test is most accurate.

If you see a faint pink line that came up within the time frame for the test than it is not a negative test.

It depends what you mean by 'late'. Late in the day, yes you could because the hormones are not concentrated enough in the urine. Late in pregnancy, if you are far on in pregnancy a test shows negative because diffeerent hormones are produced and the ones a pregnancy test uses are reduced.

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