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he is probably interested in you but too shy to say anything. the comment above me ,, but he constantly stares , me and him are interested in the same sports and i kindaa like him , should i do anything??

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it means that he's constantly paying attention to you and that he likes you.

U smile and and wave or say hi...............geez

he or her is choecking you out

I think when a guy stares at you and you dont know him that well it's because he might Like you because right now the same thing is happening to me.

Your constantly thinking about this guy.

It could mean that you like him or he was thinking of you before he went to sleep.

depends on his facial expression...

It means that he likes you. Either that or he's messing with your head. Do you like him/her? [yes I do, why?] <- by the asker

yes yes!! if he stares that means he wants to talk to u lol

If he stares, and quickly looks away when he looks at you, then yes. If he just stares, and stares, and stares and doesn't even flinch when you look at him, then no.

The guy likes you but doesn't want to show it become friends with him. If you like him back maybe he'll ask you to the dance or something. The same thing happened to me. Good Luck

Well, when a guy constantly hugs you so much it can only mean that he's in his comfort zone.

it usually means he wants to kiss.

It means he is studying you, when the male species stares at you he is finding a good way to attack its prey.