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Probably nothing, but perhaps, to be safe you should go and discuss this with a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor).

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Q: What does it mean if you continue urinating for a while after having thought that you had already emptied your bladder a few seconds ago?
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What is the muscular sac that stores urine until it is ready to be emptied from the body?

The bladder.

Do you empty your bladder before kub?

yes,bladder is emptied before doing kub

Why do you have difficulty urinating after surgery?

The complete inability to urinate after surgery, a condition called urinary retention, is considered an emergency if you are no longer in the hospital and you are unable to produce any urine. It is important that you seek treatment immediately, from either your surgeon or an emergency medical facility. If the bladder is not emptied, serious damage can be done to both your bladder and kidneys.

How does urine get from the kidney to the bladder?

Urine flows from the kidney to the bladder through a small tube called a ureter. From the bladder it flows outside the body through a small tube called the urethra. This is a closed and sterile system.

What are organs that hold urine until it leaves the body?

You hold the urine for some time in urinary bladder. Urinary bladder is situated in your pelvic cavity. The formation of the urine is continuous process. You can not go on urinating continuously. That is why the urinary bladder is there.

Do the human bladder empty through the kidney?

No. Waste is filtered out of the blood by the kidneys. The liquid waste is then sent to the bladder to be emptied through the urethra.

What will be your weight as you go high up on the mountains?

It will decrease by an insignificant amount. (Less than if you emptied your bladder.)

Where is the urine produced by the kidney stored?

The urine is stored in the urinary bladder before micturition.

What happens if greater than 1000cc emptied from bladder?

Nothing particular happens. I hope you did not expect the world to stop spinning!

What and where is a blatter?

The bladder is an organ that is part of the excretory system. The bladder is meant for disposing of biological waste or foreign organisms or substances in liquid form. It is what is emptied out when we go to the bathroom and go "number 1".

What is post micturation residue?

You may be thinking of post micturation residual urine. This is what it is called in medical terminology when someone is unable to completely empty their urinary bladder when they urinate. There can be urine still left in the bladder that can't be emptied for different reasons (prostate enlargement in men, bladder weakness from childbirth in women, etc.). The amount of "residual" (left over) urine in the bladder is measured to see how big the problem may be. If allowed to sit and not be emptied, this residual urine can cause chronic infections and other urinary system problems.Measuring the retained urine can be done by using a tube (catheter) to drain the urine from the bladder and then measure the amount, or it can be done by using a nifty non-invasive hand-held ultrasonic bladder scanner that can measure urinary retention from the outside.These measurements of the residual urine are also used when a person has needed a urinary catheter for a while during an illness, injury, or after surgery but now has had it removed, so that it can be checked to be sure that the bladder is fully functioning again and ready and able to empty itself. The catheter may need to be put back in place for a while if there is still too much "residual".This is also called "Post-void residual urine". Voiding and micturating are words that both mean "urinating."If the question is about a residue left in the bladder after urinating, then that could be referencing kidney or bladder stones, sludge in the bladder from an infection, or other matter left in the bladder that could not be eliminated or passed. But that is not usually referred to as "post micturation residue", more likely it would be called "debris" in the bladder or the actual name of the particular "residue/matter" such as bladder stones (cystoliths), or other medical terms for the specific condition.

Can a ten year old boy ejectulate Im asking as he woke up during the night and came out and told me that his pants were wet they were he then went to the toilet and emptied his rather full bladder?

Yes he can.