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You should talk with your doctor about this.

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Q: What does it mean if you start leaking fluid from your navel?
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What does leaking transmission fluid mean?

fluid is a lubricant of transmission

What does is mean if you have a pink fluid leaking from a 2001 ford focus?

The pink fluid is most likely transmission fluid.

What does it mean when your car is leaking transmission fluid and rattling?

means get it to a repair shop

What does it mean when brake fluid is leaking out of brakes?

bad calipers change them yesterday not tomorrow

What does it mean if there is fluid found outside the pregnancy sac?

It could mean the fluid sac protecting the child has a tear in it or is leaking or that you have fluid in your uterus. You'll have to speak to your MD to find out for certain.

What does it mean if Car is leaking fluid and steaming?

if car is leaking fluid , it has a leak a leak and steaming indicates it is engine coolant and the engine is over heating find the leak and fix it before your trash your engine

What does it mean when you are leaking orange and redish colored fluid when you are pregnant?

it means ur gonna have a ranga

What does brake warning light mean?

You might be out of brake fluid. Our rear wheel cylinder was leaking and ran ours out of fluid and the light came on.

What does a transmission leak mean?

Work needs to be performed. Also depends where it is leaking from. If pan is leaking just drain transmission fluid and install new pan gasket and refill transmission with fluid. If front seal leaking then you will have to pull transmission and replace front seal.

What does brake fluid leaking from the left rear wheel mean on a 1996 dodge ram?

I found out it`s the cylinder

What is the red cylinder below the air filter on a 99 Saturn SC1 you have fluid leaking from it?

Red cylinder? You mean the transmission filter? Is the fluid red? Eric

What does brake fluid leaking from ride side rear wheel mean on a 2001 dodge neon?

it is usually the rear brake cylinder that's leaking and needs to be replace on that side.

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