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What does it mean if your car smokes and will not start?

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Something's hot! lol What does it mean when anything smokes? You could have a leak and it's hittin your headers or anything else hot. you could be burning oil. Plenty of things could be wrong.

2007-02-12 04:36:28
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Q: What does it mean if your car smokes and will not start?
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When you start up the car it smokes a lot then it quits smoking it has no miss in the motor or anything different it just smokes?

the valve stem seals are probably dried up and leaking when engine is at rest

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99 lexas smokes on start up only?

sounds like the valve seals are leaking oil into the cylinders when engine is stopped not a big deal for a car that age

What does it mean when the alternator smokes?

it is shorted out and needs replacement

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Car smokes at startup?

Classic sign of bad rings or leaky valves.

Car smokes out of exhaust white light gray color only smokes when car is warm and car idles for a few mins if car is revved the smoking stops until idles for a min smoke dissapates rather quick?

1994 Chevy coolant leaks...but looses coolant is this an older car? does the car loose engine coolant?

What does it mean if the Electrics working but car will not start?

starters bad

What does it mean when you try to start your car and it makes the sound you hear when you try to start a car that's already started?

Starter or flywheel problem.

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It smokes because you are running low on headlight fluid or possibly because the Johnson rod is shot. Always an idiot in the crowd. If it only smokes when you first start it, it is the valve seals. When you shut it off the oil that is on the shaft of the valve will run down the valve and into the cylinders. The next time you start the car the oil burns the first time that cylinder fires. If it smokes all the time, it is the rings or other worn internal parts and it is time for replacement or rebuild.

Why do1984 Chevy Caprice Classic smokes terrible when you first start up once the car has warmed up the car run good and no smoke at all?

you need new valve seals in the heads or the choke on the carb isn't working right.

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