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An exboyfriend texting you could mean almost anything. It could mean that he just wants to talk, that he wants to get back together with you, that he has something specific that he needs to tell you, etc.

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it means he wants to start talkin to you again and misses you!

i mean, if he's your ex-boyfriend he's your EX-boyfriend. that means...boyfriend.

This Will Really Help You [ sitesDOTgoogleDOTcom/view/3-texts-to-send-your-ex/home ] ( Replace DOT with . )

I am from Ireland and accept my American boyfriend sending nude texts to his ex. We laugh at them. It is our inside joke. She does not realize that I know. I therefore let him play his little game since it is our game.

That you are worried about your boyfriend leaving you for his ex.

No. Your boyfriend is simply being polite in returning her message. Do not feel threatened by this. You have nothing to worry about

"He is your ex boyfriend" is correct.If you were to say "he was your ex boyfriend" it would suggest that he is no longer your ex.

He might want to go out with you again (:

It is difficult to know what your ex boyfriend is feeling when he texts you and then stops. He could be just lonely; curious to see if you'll take the bait and text him back or, he could still love you and is trying to get back with you. You should try to get in touch with him and meet somewhere and talk things out and if he does not want to get back together with you again then tell him to stop contacting you.

it means hes jealous you have a boyfriend

It probably means that you are still attached to your ex boyfriend in your subconscious. It doesn't mean anything about your current relationship or lack of it.

It means she is answering your texts. No more, no less. that is true, i mean my sister still texts all her ex boyfriends but just likes them as friends. don't hit on her though that's a big mistake

ex- boyfriend means a boy you dated and just broke up or had been broken up

To me.this boy seems to text when his bored or probabaly having problems with his current girlfriend.He still cares deeply for you,but he is using you in a way.

No, it does not always mean that because your ex boyfriend attacks your boyfriend that he even has a clue as to what love is, but rather he feels he owns you; you are his property and it angers him to see you with someone else. Most young men who are mature wouldn't attack your boyfriend so this ex is better left in the past.

it means that you still have feelings for your ex and want to be with him again. i think.

It could mean your future is with your ex-boyfriend and his kids. You may get back together with him. Or it might also mean, you are ready to have children.

your boyfriend wants to know he can trust you ex: you got me if i fall

EX is "Former girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband etc"

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