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this may vary from which test that you have taken. if you read the instructions on reading the result this should be explained clearly. if you are still in doubt if you are pregnant or not then maybe you should take another test.


Well from my experience with those tests, usually it doesnt matter how faded the lie is it means positive, but to be sure take another test and read what the intructions say

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โˆ™ 2007-07-06 19:17:33
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Q: What does it mean on a home pregnancy test if there are two lines but one line is very light?
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What does two dark line and light line on a clear blue pregnancy test mean?

2 lines pregnant; one not.

Can you be pregnant if the first negative line on a pregnancy test is really light?

If one line be shown In pregnancy test at home . Means o m pregnant

What does one thick line means When using home pregnancy test?

It means your not pregnant don't you need to lines to be concidered pregnant

What does it mean when there is a horizontal line in the results window of a home pregnancy test when a positive result should show two vertical lines?

It is probably just an evaporation line. If the control line didn't come up (one of the vertical lines is the actual pregnancy line and the other is the control line) then that means the test is bad. Either there was too much urine, too little urine or something else went wrong.

Does one line on a pregnancy test usually mean you are pregnant?

No, two lines is pregnant

What line deliver electricity to your home?

Distribution lines

What if one line is light and one dark on a pregnancy test?

You are pregnant

On the Answer Pregnancy test does one line mean you are or you are not pregnant?

One line means you ar NOT pregnant. Two lines mean you are pregnant.

What TYPE of lines does light travel in?

Light travels in a straight line under most conditions.

Can you be pregnant and still see your ovulation?

an ovulation predictor kit will turn positive when a woman is pregnant. Positive means the test line is darker than or the same as the reference line, so a light test line does NOT mean a positive pregnancy test like it does if using an actual home pregnancy test!

What does one faint blue line and a dark line mean on a clear blue pregnancy test?

If you see two lines, regardless of how light or dark, it means there are hormones in your body that are present during pregnancy. It's very unlikely to have false positives with pregnancy tests, but if you think it's wrong, you should probably make an appt with your doctor as they can give you a more accurate answer. Otherwise, congratulations on your pregnancy!

Does light travel in a straight line or does it spread out?

light spreads out in straight lines. i hope i cleared your misunderstanding.

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