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It mean that youre very intelligiance

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Q: What does it mean to be a smart man?
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What does La Poca mean?

La Poca means you are awesome man or basically you are cool and smart man

What does the name rasul mean?

A smart, intelligent handsome young man with the IQ of

What does whip mean in the saying smart as a whip?

What do you expect dude? Man you should know this by now.

It seems that you are a pretty smart man but this is not enough?

I rather be a pretty man who is smart

Why is Joseph opoku a failure?

coz mans not smart enuf init man ain't smart enough for nuffin man ain't smart enough for nuffin man ain't smart enough for nuffin

What does it mean by This man is going places?

Smart guy, can advance in any area in which he chooses to apply himself.

What does BS and 11 and 925 on a Man's ring mean?

boys are smart, their iq is 11 times 925.

What is Jimmy Carter's IQ?

176. That man was scary smart! 176. That man was scary smart!

You are ugly but smart and have a great personality how can the man of your dreams love you?

By the man being smart too.

What are Smart ingredients?

what are the mean of smart

What does mojon mean?

MOJON. It Means- Man On Java On Nothing M O J O N SMART ONE

How do you say smart man in yiddish?

The most likely expression is difficult to write phonetically so you'll understand it, and virtually impossible for an English speaker to reproduce. A Yiddish speaker would most likely refer generically to a smart man as a "KHAW-khawm". The word is Hebrew, and stands for both the adjective "wise" and the noun "wise man".