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to fit in to the culture of a country you have immigrated to

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Q: What does it mean to be assimilated?
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How do you use the word assimilated in a sentence?

The word "assimilation" is the noun form of the word "assimilate. " An example of a sentence using the word "assimilation" is "The Spaniards maintained their system of assimilation for many generations by mixing with the native populations of Latin America. "

What empire replaced the Assyrian empire?

The Assyrian empire was assimilated by Babylonia, which was in turn conquered and assimilated by the Persian empire.

What does culturally assimilated mean?

It means that immigrants do not stick to the cultural habits of their country of origin, but adapt to the cultural habits of the country they have come to.

What is another words for copied starting with the letter a?


Why was the baboon mummified after death?

Because they were assimilated with the God Thot.

What substance is assimilated by living things that promotes growth?


What happened to Ronald Reagan after his term was completed?

he was assimilated by the BORG..

Is there a Star Trek Voyager episode were chacotay is assimilated by the Borg?


How was religion assimilated into other cultures?

If you mean "how did it spread?" the answer would be by word. As religions originated, people began to travel to foreign countries. By this, they shared their religion and continued their practice.

What is the definition of the word assimilated?

To assimilate one would mentally absorb information or ideas. Assimilate means to comprehend or to incorporate. It can also mean to understand, digest or grasp something.

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