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Its means literally that; your heart is broken by extreme sadness, and you die.It used to be thought that the person was simply too sad to function properly and they really did not die of a broken heart. However, more recent science has shown there are physiological changes that come with a "broken heart" than can cause physical death.

When a person endures sudden shock or extreme stress, the adrenal glands release adrenaline. That provides an extra boost of energy and chemicals that temporarily mask physical pain. This enables the "fight or flight" reflex so a person under attack will be essentially turbo-charged for a short period of time. Usually, releases of adrenaline are short-term; the threat passes, and the person calms down and things return to normal.

The problem is that grief, such as that caused by the loss of a loved one, can result in a prolonged release of adrenaline, which causes damage to the heart. Many doctors and scientists now think that this prolonged release of adrenaline and the damage to the heart is causes can lead to heart failure, especially in older persons, who are then said to have "died of a broken heart."

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How can you die from a broken heart?

You can't, it's an expression.

What does emo heart mean?

Emo heart means that have an emotional heart that can be easily broken or is already broken.

What does a heart with a line through it mean?

Heart broken.

When someone die from grief that person is said to die from?

A broken heart.

What does heart with arrow mean with initials in heart mean?

It means a broken heart in which more than love,there is hatred.

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she doesnt want to get her heart broken

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devestating means to be heart broken or angry

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What is the medical term for broken-heart?

There is no such thing as a "broken heart".

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Heart broken

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She is purported to have died of a broken heart.

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What is the meaning of the idiom Break someone's heart mean?

you have broken somone's heart means to hurt someone feelings.

Can you die of a broken heart?

yes, stress hormones produced by the shock of a death or break up can weaken heart tissue or lead to a heart attack.

What does mi corazon esta roto mean?

I believe that it means: My heart is broken.

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It mean you heart broken from you passed relationship

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of course not. love can give you a broken promises and not a broken heart.

What does 3 mean in instant messaging?

3 ? if youu mean <3 then its a heart turned sideways :] or </3 it means a broken heart hope i helped x

Can people die of broken hearts?

Yes, people can die of a broken heart. Like if you get depression and your immune system goes down and you get really sick or someone is so upset and they do suicide.

What does disheartened mean?

When you feel disheartened you feel less hopeful, dissappointed, or heart broken.

What did Paul Harvey die from?

A broken heart and the will to live after losing his beloved wife of 68 years

How do die of a broken heart?

Nobody dies of a broken heart. You may think that you can not live without that person but the true is that you can......I also think is really dome if you kill yourself for somebody that doesn't like you or ect.....

Display names that describes a broken heart?

Nothing can describe a broken heart...