What does it mean to have your taxes audited?

While there are several different types of audits...as well as several different types of taxes..generally:

For an individual, it means the information you submitted on/with your Form 1040 (your tax return) will be checked for completeness and accuracy.

Basically, the questions will be asked and files checked to confirm the information concerning income you reported is all the income you actually should have reported...you didn't omit any employment, income from investment sales, proper addition, etc.

The same for deductible expenses...where you can expect to prove those you may have claimed....like providing receipts for charitable deductions, medical expenses, etc.

Finally, any filing information, like claiming dependents may be questioned and you would have to show why the ones you claimed qualify, substantiate estimated payments or credits your claiming, that type of thing.

An audit may involve all, or any part, or just a specific item of the above. The IRS is the one asking the questions...and yes, they have the right to question any and every item that became or should have become part of your return.

There are strict guidelines that are (or should be) followed by the IRS examiner, and you have the right to dispute the auditors findings.

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