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What does it mean to reboot a computer?

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To reboot a computer means to turn it off, and then turn it back on, so that the operating system will load again.
it means to restart the computer

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What does it mean when computer does not reboot?

you broke it

What does it mean to reboot a CPU?

Reboot is computer talk for turn off the computer and turn it back on. It helps reset the memory and other processes.

What happens if you reboot your computer?

When you reboot your computer, your computer restarts, or starts again. This is just like restarting your computer.

How do you reboot the whole system of a computer?

well mostly you reboot your computer when it seems not to work

What is a computer deboot?

Do you mean reboot? As in to turn off and restart? Never heard of deboot.

How to reboot computer?

In its simplest terms, to reboot a computer means to turn it off and turn it back on again.

How do you unfreeze computer mouse?

Reboot the computer.

What does the word re boot mean?

When a computer starts and turns on, it is called "booting". Therefore, a "reboot" is when you must restart the computer.

What does reboot mean?

'reboot' is just another word for 'restart'. it just means to turn the computer off and back on again. Rebooting sort of means to turn the computer off and on to make an installed program work.

Why might one reboot their computer?

One might reboot their computer for a plethora of reasons. If the computer is lagging, and there appears to be too much RAM being used, if the computer or an application has gone through an upgrade and needs a reboot to function properly.

What does turning off the computer do?

It allows the computer to reboot.

Why does your computer turn off upon reboot?

Definition of reboot: To turn (a computer or operating system) off and then on again; restart.

What keys do you hold to reboot?

simaltaneously press Ctrl+alt+delete your computer will reboot

What movie and television projects has Gavin Blair been in?

Gavin Blair has: Played Game Announcer in "ReBoot" in 1994. Played Computer Voice in "ReBoot" in 1994. Played Binky in "ReBoot" in 1994. Played Computer in "ReBoot" in 1994. Played Binky in "ReBoot: My Two Bobs" in 2001.

Can I re boot my computer from another computer?

To reboot your computer from another computer, you will need to install a program that allows you to remotely access your computer. Once you have installed this and given the program access to your computer, you can follow the commands to reboot

Restarting a computer when it is already on is called?

That would be rebooting or resetting the computer, and sometimes called a warm boot. If the computer was off, that would be booting a computer. If you reboot it using the keyboard or software, that would be a soft reboot, while rebooting it with the reset button would be a hard reboot.

How do to reboot your laptop?

To reboot your computer press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, then press Shutdown - Restart.

What happens when a computer is rebooted?

if you reboot computer all drivers will be managed.

Does it hurt to reboot computer?

YES,yes it does

What does the word re-boot mean?

reboot can have several meanings however the one that comes to mind first has to deal with rebooting a computer, reboot- to bring up again or fix something

Where can one find out how to reboot your computer in safe mode?

Rebooting your computer in safe mode is a good idea if you suspect a virus or your computer is running slow. To find out how to reboot check out Microsoft.

How do i re boot my computer?

You can reboot your computer by long-pressing on the shut-down button of the computer.

What do you mean by booting of system?

To boot means to power up (switch on) your computer. To reboot means to shut down your computer and then switch it back on (also known as a restart).So to "boot the system", your simply switching on (powering up) your computer system. Sometimes a newly installed program will not take effect until you restart the computer (prompted by the program). Or, you may need to reboot to recover from an error.The user should not simply press the reset button or power the computer off and on to reboot. Instead, restart the computer or shutdown the computer as required by your operating system.

How do you refresh your computer?

reboot F5 refreshes the screen.

How can one learn how to properly reboot the computer?

A soft boot can be done with some key press combinations for example Ctrl+Alt+Del. If however the reboot is needed due to the computer freezing the owner of the machine will need a copy of the boot disk. The reboot disk will have all that is needed to reboot the system.

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