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to like ask them a question and not give them an answer.

Expanded answer: Caving slang

Short Roped - (1) When a pitch is rigged with a too-short rope

(hopefully with a knot in the end!).

(2) When the person preceding you on a rope accidently

pulls it up as they climb and you cannot reach it.

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Q: What does it mean to short rope someone?
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Does the word rope have the short o sound?

yes rope does have a short o

When someone calls you a rope what does it mean?

There are a number of things a person may mean when they call you a rope. They may mean that you are strong or that you are common.

Is rope short or long?

Some of them are long and some are short.

What is a bell rope?

A bell rope is a short length of rope which is spliced to the eye of the clapper of a ship's bell, by which it is struck.

What does the cowboy slang 'roping in' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This meant cheating. The image is of someone using their rope to tie someone.

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A rope that hangs a person is called a noose.

A thick rope is stronger than a thin rope of the same material Is a long rope stronger than a short rope?

No. Length has nothing to do with the strength. The strength of a rope is found in the strength of the material, the thickness of that material and in the numbers of strands of the material that are interwoven. Length is not a part of the equation of strength. However, if you were to break a large number of short and long ropes, the short ropes will be stronger on average. This is due to the fact that the chance of a defect on a long rope is higher than the chance of a defect occurring on a short rope.

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"She is at the end of her rope"

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it means that the person is going to drag u(usually u by a rope or chain)

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Kalikala - someone's name [ka-lee-ka-la], and it means to catch (to rope) the sun.

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Get a life or get a short rope