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What does it mean when Exhaust is blowing blue smoke?

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If it blows blue smoke when starting up, that is usually the valve guides need replacing. If it constantly blows blue smoke, you are looking at piston rings. Either way oil is getting into the combustion chamber. If it's valve guides, you need to have the heads looked at, if it is rings, the bottom of the engine needs to come out.

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What does blue smoke out the exhaust mean?

burning oil

What does it mean when exhaust is blowing black and blue smoke?

Black and blue smoke means your engine is burning oil. That is bad. You may have a blown head gasket. That is very bad. You may have worn piston rings. That is also bad. I have no idea why your engine is burning oil but the reason is bad.

What causes blue exhaust out of a car tailpipe?

If you mean the smoke it's usually related to the quality of petrol

What does blowing on that loud mean?

Smoke weed.

What does it mean when Engine making loud noises and blue smoke from exhaust?

Blue smoke is oil burning. Loud noises in the engine means internal engine problems. Time for a complete overhaul of this engine.

What is the cause of white smoke from the exhaust of a marine diesel engine?

White smoke means water, blue/black smoke means oil, black smoke can also mean the fuel mixture is too rich.

What does black smoke from the exhaust mean?

Unburnt fuel.

What does blue exhaust mean?

blue exhaust is usually due to excessive lubricating oil consumption and its emission indicates a very poor condition of the engine, such as worn out piston rings or valve guides, etc beside, as it possible to completely prevent the emission of blue smoke...

What does it mean whenyour exhaust blows blue smoke only when climbing hills?

The piston rings in the motor are bad. Very expensive fix.

What does a small amount of white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe mean?

You may have oil on the exhaust, once this has burnt off the smoke should stop.

What can cause white and blue smoke?

It could be coolant getting into the exhaust system which could mean that one or more of your car's gaskets are worn out and need repairs

Does aeroplane emit smoke if not where does the exhaust gases go?

of course it emits "smoke" you mean exhaust? it has to go somewhere, if it's a propeller plane it has an exhaust just like car, if it's a turbine, it has an exhaust outlet, if it's a jet engine, the exhaust is self explanatory

What does the idiom blowing smoke mean?

It is related to the phrase smoke and mirrors. There is nothing substantial about what they are saying, it is just hot air.

What does blue smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe mean?

Probably that you're burning oil. This could be for several reasons, the most likely being that your piston rings are faulty/worn.

What is the blue smoke from the exhaust mean?

Blue smoke coming out with the exhaust means oil is burning in one or more of the engine's cylinders. This is commonly a symptom of worn piston rings or valve stem seals. Whatever the specific cause of the leak, engine work will undoubtedly be required to repair it. Make sure you keep an eye on the oil level, since some of it is being burned up.

What does it mean when a 1994 Saturn SL2 has air blowing out of the oil intake?

This is usually a sign of severe internal engine wear of the cylinder walls and/or piston rings. A car with a problem such as this would probably use oil and emit blue colored smoke from the exhaust pipe when accelerating. This is a problem that most people should avoid when looking for a vehicle.

What does blowing in the clouds mean on craigslist?

It would be street slang for smoking meth. Because you exhale a huge cloud of smoke, hence the term blowing in the clouds.

Your 2009 Chevy is blowing out white smoke and overheating what does this mean?

Sounds like a bad head gasket

What does white smoke mean when it is coming out of the exhaust of your 2000 Ford F-350 diesel?

white smoke from diesel exhaust generally means you have engine coolant leaking internally in enginevery rarely , white smoke can indicate a problem with the turbo

Why is my 86 rx7 blowing out white smoke and it wont stop but runs fine?

When you mean its blowing out white smoke... you mean out from the exhaust pipe right? Not anywhere from under the hood or inside the car? Usually when white smoke comes out the exhaust it means that its not burning the fuel all the way... smell around if it smells like gas. If you smell fuel then check things like the fuel injectors - they can be leaking and need replacing...or maybe just the injector ring need 2 be replaced. Check compression. Check if their are any vacuum leaks and check intake system. hey bro it sounds like ur coolant seals are bad

What does Shagonigei mean?

Shagonigei means little blue smoke

What does it mean when your exhaust smoke is white on a 1992 Geo Metro?

If white smoke smells like anti-freeze, it is more than likely a head gasket.

Why is your 1992 Chevy s-10 4.3 6 clyinder not running rightput new fuel pump in new injectors in iac valve in and it is still not running right any suggestions?

Not sure what you mean by not running right. Is it stalling, skipping, hesitating, idles to fast, idles to slow, doesn't idle at all, backfiring, hard starting, spark knock/ping, running rich, running lean, blowing black smoke, blowing blue smoke, blowing white smoke, etc? Need more info.

I changed the thermostat and put a new radiator cap on a 1996 Geo Tracker. Now there is white smoke coming out the exhaust. Could it be the fuel pressure regulator is bad?

no its a blown head gasket, the white smoke your seeing is steam cause the the water leaking in to the combustion camber. if the smoke was black then that would mean to much fuel. if the smoke was blue that would mean there was oil getting in to the combustion camber.

Why does your 1996 dodge van 1500 3.9 smoke when you push the pedal?

I assume you mean smoke out the tailpipe. blue smoke = oil in combustion chamber. (maybe valve stem seals etc) white smoke = coolant in combustion chamber. (maybe head gasket etc) black smoke = fuel leaking out into exhaust or something worse like bad rings etc etc, could be lots of things.