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It depends on how she got it, whether she took it from a guy, or if she bought it. The former means something, the latter means nothing.

I found out the hard way. There was a 'western day' at where I work, and I didn't bring any western clothes, but one of the guys had left his cowboy hat lying around. I put it on, one of my coworkers was like, "Ummm whose hat is that?" I told them "Nick". And they were like, "Dude.. You know what it means when a girl takes a guy's cowboy hat?"

Apparently it means she's interested, like really interested. He can "park his boots under her bed" for the night, sleep together, whatever. Imagine my embarrassment. -.-

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it probably means she is just a tomboy or finds boy's clothing to be more comfortable. if you were expecting a lesbian answer, you are sadly mistaken. lesbians usually dress more girly, not boyish.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl wears boy's clothing?
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