What does it mean when a guy wants to take his time?

Taking his time can mean many things. Every guy goes through something different, but usually it means that he just needs time to think about if he's ready for the next level.

When a guy Tell's you he needs time dosent always mean he is breaking up with you because his friend's tell him too or he likes someone eles or dosent wanna be with you.. he juss needs time to think about if he wants to go to the next level with you.. (means he lykes you) he is giving himself time and you time to think about whats goin on in your guys Relashionship, he dont want something badd to go wrong. so he needs time to think about the futcher.

he wants the best relashionship he can possibly give you. He needs time to think. If he takes longer thenn 1 week thenn lets say that he dosent know what he is doin yet. idd say move on and if u really love this guy ask him if he is done thinking about stuff, and keep moving on. if he says no.?! then juss move on...he will want you back sometime in lifee...(: