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When a guinea pig makes a noise it is trying to tell us or another guinea pig something.

It also does mean when it is excited.

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Do pigs squeek?

Large pigs do not squeak, they squeal, Guinea Pigs will squeak.

Why do guinea pigs squeak when your holding them and there are no other guinea pigs in the house?

guinea pigs squeak when your holding them and there are no other guinea pigs in the house because they get lonely and even a bit scared so they squeak trying to get comfort or even just to talk.

What does the guinea pigs scientific name mean?

They call them guinea pigs because they squeak. Pigs snort. But, it does kinda sound like a pig. (:

Why do guinea pigs squeak so much?

Guinea Pigs squeak to express their feelings, mood, and to communicate with other guineapigs.

Why do guinea pig squeak?

Guinea pigs squeak if they want treats, food, or attention.

How do you know if a guinea pig is talking to you?

They squeak usually other guinea pigs will squeak back.

Why do guinea pigs squeek?

guinea pigs squeak because there favorite human is in the room

Sounds pigs make?

guinea pigs squeak,and purr.

Are guinea pigs clean?

What Fruit do guinea pigs eat??Do guinea pigs love running around??Do guinea pigs love to squeak??Can guinea pigs get colds/sick/sore throats/puke??

Why do guinea pigs sqeak?

guinea-pigs squeak because it is there way of communicating like humans talk

Do guinea pigs squeak when they are scared?

Yes. They also squeak when they are in pain or just curious.

Why does a guinea pig constantly squeak?

Guinea pigs can squeak for all sorts of different reasons. there are also different squeaks.

What does it mean when a guinea pig seaks loud?

It can mean a lot of thinks.Most Guinea Pigs squeak to indicate that they are hungry,they want your attention,they are in danger or they have pain in their body.

What noise do guinea pigs make when they are happy?

They normally squeak to you

Why does it have pig at the end of guinea pigs?

As, They squeak in the way pigs do. Their ears look like pig ears. And guinea pigs eat an incredable amount!

Why does your guinea pig squeak real loud like he is hurting?

That is what guinea pigs do if they want attention.

Why do guinea pigs squeak when you hold them?

Your guinea pig, if she/he is squeaking when you are holding her/him, is expressing discomfort or fear.

What can guinea pigs do?

They can eat, drink, swim, squeak, move, popcorn.

What does it mean when you are feeding your guina pig and it squeaks?

My will squeak when i feed it and it means they are waiting for there food and want it. My guinea pigs will do that when they are hungry

Why do guinea pigs squeak and wigl too?

to put it bluntly, if they smell something that turns them on they will squeak, purr and wiggle their butts.

Why does your guinea pig squeak for food?

Your guinea pig squeaks for food due to the anticipation and excietement. If you did not notice, guinea pigs eat mainly non-stop, and when more food comes, the guinea pig will get excited and squeak.

What do a guinea pigs different sounds mean?

Well, the squeak is excitement! The pur sound is happy, and when they grind their teeth they are warning you and angry.

What it means when guinea pigs squeak?

Usually, they are either hungry, thirsty or they want attention.

How do you know if guinea pigs are in pain?

They will sometimes bite or squeak really really loud.

What noises do guinea pis make and why?

Guinea Pigs squeak because they are scared or happy mine squeaks when i give him food