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What does it mean when someone says message me on facebook?


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2010-10-02 19:02:53
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it means to send a private message on facebook between you and the other person so not everybody sees it.

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it says confirm facebook account to enable the message service.

It means what they said. There is no hidden message.

It means the thumbs up symbol but it does not make one on facebook.

The person who you sent a message to has clicked on the chat box of yours and theirs conversation.

It might mean your tone of voice is showing sarcasm, but when you message each other on facebook he does not hear the sarcasm in your voice.

yes... if you go to the person's profile, under their name it says that you can see the pictures, send a message, and poke.

It just means that they really like that picture and they want to 'own' it.

No it does not mean they searched for you... When its says suggested friends either facebook or one of your friends suggested them to you...

I don't know what you mean but I think you mean when you get an e-mail from facebook. Anyway I think it just says your friend has a birthday today or someone poked you and then it has the facebook logo so there are many things facebook emails you about. Hope this helped.

In Facebook, you cannot "like" something someone says on a chat. However you may "like" something someone says on a post or comment :D

A text message that says 'OK' is usually a reply to a message you have previously sent.

W2 Means Word 2 Like When Someone Says Word , You Say Word Me To Or W2

It means "one who uses and is a member of Facebook".

it means that he/she is a facebook user ??

The video recorded on facebook with webcam can be posted on facebook wall or sent out as message.

Private message, or a Facebook Instant Message. In the bottom right hand corner, a rectangular box says "Chat" and if you click it, it will open up to reveal a list of people who are online form your friends list and if you click a name, you will be able to type directly to that person.

It means like make a story up & then when you get done they will write back to you

when a text message says delivered it means that it has reached the persons phone.

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