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If you are on a well it means you have a problem in the pressure tank. On city water means pressure in general is down, or your PRV is failing.

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Low to no water pressure in the house, what is the problem?

Low pressure coming into the house. Pressure regulator on the line where it enters the house. Old pipes full of buildup. Screens on faucets clogged.

when the water pressure is low in the shower

If you mean to ask if cold bodies of water are associated with high or low atmospheric pressure, they aren't. Atmospheric pressure can change independently of the temperature of bodies of water.

If low pressure is only in the shower and no where else in the house the likely cause could be a clogged shower head.

Low pressure is when air pressure is low helps form clouds.

More info needed. -Are you on well, if so, say what kind of well, what pump, what pressure tank. We cannot diagnose with no information.

what does it mean when systolic pressure is high and diastolic pressure is low

No, because the low pressure would mean that the temperature of the water would be too low to cook the egg.

Yes, if the pressure on it is low enough.Yes, if the pressure is low enough.

Water has a high pressure all the time.

There are many cause of this, but the primary reasons are in the pressure tank. The tank MUST have residual air pressure of around 27 psi to drive the water system. To analyse further I need to know what kind of tank you have and what air pressure is in it when the water ceases to flow. I need to know what pressure your pump starts and if the tank feels heavy (full of water) when the pressure is low.

An obstruction, excessive demand, high temperatures that could expand the pipes (in this case, given a constant water pressure, the velocity of the water is slowed as the diameter of the pipes increase)

In regards to a water chiller unit, the terms low pressure and high pressure refer to the compressor, which takes low pressure and compresses it into high pressure gas, which is then turned into a liquid to cool the unit.

If it's the whole house, turn the screw clockwise at the PRV to increase the pressure. If it is something else, you would have to explain it more.

I will assume you mean liquid water. The low temperature is one reason. There probably was water in the past, when conditions were different. Also the low gravity and low atmospheric pressure mean water would soon evaporate and disappear into space.

We had the same problem. If you have low water pressure coming into your house this will affect the amount of water going into your ice maker.

It means you have low oil pressure. Low oil pressure means you will destroy the engine if you keep running it with low pressure.

I believe it means you have low blood pressure.

If the issue of low water pressure is limited to one's shower, one can try to remove the flow regulator from the shower head to increase the water pressure. If the issue of water pressure is more wide spread, one must check the basic plumbing in the house.

I Guess the easiest way would to buy a gauge place it on a hose bib connection and then read what the gauge pressure is

Vapor pressure it the pressure exerted by the vapor molecules. Water has a low vapor pressure because of the high amount of energy needed to break the hydrogen bonds.