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I'm not sure, but try giving it a fair bit of very gentle cleaning with gentle soap (such as liquid soap) and warm water for a week or two and see if it clears up. Consult your local doctor if you are still worried.


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it means that you are losing your penis and will have to undergo major surgery

If you are referring to the skin that extends from the base of the penis over the end for a uncircumcised man, then that is the foreskin. If you're experiencing peeling skin underneath that layer of skin, you should see a doctor soon.

Herpes. Might wanna go to the doctor.

okay so first ... did you have sex with anyone because i know dry spots are okay but red spots are not. red spots may mean you have a STD if you didnt have sex with anyone try rubbing your penis with moisturizer , example , baby oil or coco butter lotion and see if they go away if not see your doctor

Those black spots can be molds, but then again they can be cancer spots, if they are bigger than an eraser then you might want to go get them checked by a doctor.

If you have any spots or lesions on your penis or testicles, then you need to get it checked out by a doctor. It may mean that you have contracted an STD which needs to be treated.

IT depends on what you mean by peeling. If you mean severely peeling non stop...I think u should visit your GP :S But if you mean just once in a while your toes are peeling..thats normal. So you have nothing to worry about. But I'm not sure what it means sorry :S

I'massuming you mean "pens". The red spots would likely be jelly from the service rack ffrom a worker contaminating the pen or marker while serving.

What does it mean when the bottom of your feet peel

it means they have spots on their back!

Your peeling back your layers as a human being.

i have white spots on my cervics,what does that mean?

I'm going to guess you mean circumference not width. It might be slightly smaller than average, but nothing to worry about. Everyone is different and that's just the way you are built.

I need clarification, did you mean a "baby penis" i.e. micro-penis, or "baby's penis".

Yes if it has 2 spots its a girl 3 spots=boy

The spots on a ladybug stand for it's age.

Dark spots on your head can mean different things. The dark spots can be moles, birthmarks, burn marks, or skin discoloration.

That's called an STD, a sexually transmitted disease, my friend. Go to the doctor. Depends on what they look like as some spots are normal and some are not. don worry about it mate im 13 and i have a few spots doesn't mean i got an std if ur old and got laid a lot of times then it might b

If you mean sun burn then use after sun, that stops it.

It may mean they they are growing, you are pregnant, or it could be breast cancer. You should see a doctor.

The average size of a penis for any race is 4.5-6 inches when erect. The myth that penis size is related to race is just that, a myth. All races will have men who have a larger than average and a smaller than average penis. The only statistical difference than has been discovered is that gay man tend to be slightly larger than straight men but when I say slightly I mean the average gay male is between 5 and 6.5 inches. In addition, until you have stopped growing your penis size may change.

the spots on a ladybirds are for camouflage so they can hide from predators

It means to have spots.

No. If you had the urge to taste that penis, or touch that penis, or have that penis shoved up your anus, then it heavily implies that you are gay.

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