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It means... you are going insane.

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Q: What does it mean when you dream of your toenails falling off?
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Why is your toenails falling off?

It's not.

Why is your cockatiels toenails falling off?

Well, if your cockatiel's toenails are falling off, it probably has some kind of sickness. take him/her to the vet and see what he says.

What does it mean when you are falling off a huge ladder in a dream?

Something is happening in your real life that you feel is out of your control.

Why is child's toenails falling off when there wasn't any injury?

Because the kid is a freak and should see a doctor.

What does it mean to dream about falling off a balcony?

Perhaps you could try finishing the dream before you wake up. Meaning turn off the alarm and finish the dream to see what it means. Maybe in your dream, it's trying to teach you some sort of lesson.

Every time I dream about falling I suddenly wake up to my leg falling off the bed Does my mind know my leg is going to fall thus I dream of falling down a black void or is it just a coincidence?

Yes, the falling dream is your mind's response to your leg falling off the bed. The perception that the dream occurs before the leg begins to fall is a very common illusion typical of dreaming.

Do people die from their toenails falling off?

It's not unusual for a toenail to fall off and grow back. If an infection is caught and not treated it may result in death.

Do dogs nails grow immediately after falling off?

A dogs toenails do not fall off. They need to be trimmed or they can be accidentally torn off. Yes, they will continue to grow all the time.

Is it true that when you dream about falling off a cliff and you land do you really die?

No u can not

I had a dream that i couldn't save my wife from falling off a mountain?

Stay away from mountains and you & she will be fine.

What does it mean to see someone who is not successful but very successful in your dream falling off a house?

The dream is not about that other "someone" but about yourself in some way. That other person represents you. The dream suggests that you view success in general as perilous, and that it only leads to ruin and personal tragedy.

What does the quote dozing off mean?

falling asleep