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What does it mean when you have sore nipples and clear liquid coming out of your breast?


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um the only way liquid could come out of your breasts is if your pregnant. during pregnancy, your breasts fill with milk. or this liquid could be something else. not too sure. but if your pregnant, its most likely breast milk.

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It means your healthy and it does it to keep nipple ducts open to let air in

i wanted to know my friend has come milky or clear liquid coming from nipples

I was going to say your lactating but that's more milky than clear and sticky. Go see a doctor.

Females Who Use The Pill Will Get This For A While.

Probably not. Getting your period is a pretty reliable sign that you are not pregnant. It's normal to secrete small amounts of fluid from you nipples. If it seems excessive, consult your doctor. Well my daughter is 11 and she has liquid coming out of her nipples what does that mean??

if it is clear its normal. if its white and milky its abnormal unless of course you are pregnant

Breast go through a series of changes during pregnancy. It is normal to experience liquid secretion durnig pregnancy. It begins with clear fluid and develops milk.

The clear liquid could be indicative of a basilar skull fracture.

Its called wee and if the dog drinks it after he will become very strong

im 4 months and 4 days and i was seeing little wet spots on my nipples then i sqeezed and clear water looking stuff came out not only was it jsut because i thought it was milk cause its coming out of my breast i thought it was premilk because of the texture

This can't be good. Go seek a professional immediately.

well if your urine is white then that means you had enough liquid in you, but when its yellow you didn't have enough liquid in you.

It can happen in some women. It has to do with producing milk. Yes, there is a clear sometimes whitish fluid that may leak out during the 2nd-3rd trimesters of your pregnancy. It is a fluid that the breast sometimes releases having to do with breast milk development

If breast leakage is unusual for you, you should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

no you breasts are producing milk for the baby and when you first start to breast feed the clear stuff is good for the baby. you will have milk coming out with the clear discharge.

well when guys get horney they get a boner but when a girl gets horney that clear liquid comes out their vagina its normal

A clear discharge usually doesn't mean anything. Your nipples are probably sore due to PMS or your period. Check with your local physician. See your Doctor. Any new symptom with your breast is nothing to ignore.

Yes, this is natural. This fluid is called colostrum, and is caused by certain hormones that prepare the breast for milk production.

Yes its a possibilty definately. But you should see a doctor to be sure. If you are pregnant the clear sticky fluid coming out of your breast, is what helps build your baby's immune system the first few days its born.

this could be a condition known as galactorrhoea.. but it could also be a sign of cyst or benign tumor of the breast so you should be checked out by a doctor.

It could be it clear or white?

No apple sauce is not a clear liquid! =)

If this is not a first pregnancy it is not abnormal to leak colostrum for the whole 9 months. If this is your first pregnancy generally you will start noticing a clear to cloudy yellowish liquid called colostrum during the second trimester. If you are planning on breast feeding this is the first food your baby will get. It is easily digested and full of antibodies your baby needs to boost his immune system. In the mean time it is a natural moisturizing agent for your nipples. Gently messaging it on your nipples helps get them ready for nursing. A dark or bloody discharge is never normal and should be reported to your doctor or midwife ASAP.

if its white it might be a yeast infection but if its clear it might be a sighn you'll have a period soon...

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