What does it mean when you still fantasize about an ex?


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you might still have feelings for him!

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If you fantasize about kissing someone, it doesn't necessarily mean you are in love with them. You may have a crush on them, or fancy them.

It means that the reason that broke you up is still there. You or she are still doing the same behaviors.

then it probably means that you still have feelings for the ex and hope that they still have feelings for you. However if you really dislike the ex then it could mean that you hope that they are unhappy without you.

No. She might have some, but because she's talking to her ex doesn't mean that she still like him.

It mean that you are still have feelings for your ex. Also it mean that you have a fire in your heart and your soul for your ex. And it mean that you cant let your first love go.

Because He/She Still Loves You.

Saying you love your ex does not mean you are in love with him.

It might mean that she or he still has feelings for you.

yeah, it may mean he still likes you or still cares for you yeah, it may mean he still likes you or still cares for you

Yuo are the rebound . If he still has feelings for his ex you are definatley the rebound .

He/she may still have feelings for you.

just because he still txts u absolutley DOES NOT mean he likes you i still txt both of my exes and only 1 of them likes me just cuz i broke up with him. my other ex has a gf and we txt still he does not like me still so just cuz your ex txts you still does not mean he likes you. but it depends what he tlks about.

Your ex obviously still has lingering feelings for you.

This dream suggests the dreamer still has emotional ties to the ex.

If your ex asks you if you still like them, this might mean that they want to get back together. They may also just be asking to boost their own ego a bit.

it mean u still have something for him... not a simple feeling but a feeling saying .. i want to be back with this guy or it mean you have strong feelings for him..

If you still have feelings for your ex maybe whoever sad this to you meant you're not really trying to get him/her back, so that's why they're still your ex. Make sense at all? I think first you would have to find out what this person was referring to.

Your ex still likes you as a friend; appreciate this and return the compliment. Don't read anything else into it unless your ex gives you very good reason to do so.

a lot of the time that means that your ex still has feelings for you!!

it means that your probably still in love wiv him/her

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