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if i spot after my period does that mean im pregnant

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Q: What does it mean when your lower stomach hurta?
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What do you mean by abdomen?

lower stomach area.

What does it mean when you have muscle pain in the lower stomach and aching in legs?

your pregnant.

What does fatberg mean?

A Fatberg is A Peice of Fat That Digest In The Lower Part Of The Stomach.

What muscle is located at the upper and lower end of our stomach?

Both the upper and lower ends of the stomach have a sphincter that regulates flow into and out of the stomach. The lower esophageal sphincter is at the top of the stomach, and the pyloric sphincter is at the lower end of the stomach.

What could it mean to have lots of gas bloating lower back pain?

Type your answer here... if i have lower back pain and lower stomach pains and gassy alot does that mean i could be pregnant??

Where do you get period pains?

A little under your stomach by your bellybutton

What does it mean when your upper and lower stomach hurts and spotting?

If you've been spotting it really means you're pregnant.

Does soreness in the lower stomach and frequent urinating and sensitivity in the genitals mean cancer?

yes you will deffinetly want to get that checked out

Does the lower digestive system start at?

When you say "lower digestive system" I'm assuming you mean your intestines. If that is what you're referring to, it starts at the bottom of your stomach. The bottom of your stomach is connected to your small intestine, which then goes to your large intestine, then to your rectum, and then your anus.

Why do i feel a heartbeat in my lower stomach?

The heartbeat you feel in your lower stomach is the abdominal aorta beating and it is perfectly normal.

If you are getting real bad pains in your lower stomach what does that mean?

Might be Morning sickness, but I don't know all of your symptoms.

Where is ureter and bladder?

lower stomach