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What does it mean when your upper and lower stomach hurts and spotting?


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It usally mean that your costapated

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Both the upper and lower ends of the stomach have a sphincter that regulates flow into and out of the stomach. The lower esophageal sphincter is at the top of the stomach, and the pyloric sphincter is at the lower end of the stomach.

The pyloric sphincter, at the lower end of the stomach and The cardia/lower esophageal sphincter, or cardiac sphincter at the upper portion of the stomach

in the upper left of the abdominal cavity and is behind the lower ribs! xx

It sounds like an ulcer. Try taking prilosec daily and drink malox when it hurts really bad. If that helps, then it's an ulcer.

The stomach is located in the epigastric region (left upper quadrant) with the spleen, lower left ribs, and upper left area of the transverse colon.

The best places are your lower back (at the sides), stomach, upper arms and upper legs.

I had an upper GI two weeks ago and the barium is still in the stomach and the lower can not be done.

It is probably a braxton hicks.If this will subside when you rest then it is fine but when contraction is consistent and close,you better have yourself checked by the doctor.

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this may not help but i have the same thing.i have abs when i tense, both upper and lower stomach. when im not tensing however, my upper stomach is bigger. my lower stomach is flat and can see eating increases the bulge so look when you havent eaten that could be the answer.dont worry its probably cool - as long as theres no pain associated. if there is see a be more concerned if my lower belly stuck out. im fit and i have it so it should be fine

Spleen is along the left upper side of your stomach. Pancreas is also in that general area.

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The upper part of the stomach is called the FUNDUS I think sorry if this is wrong!

Yes I have tightness in the bottom of my stomach on and off all day. My upper back and lower back feels funny to.

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