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Auditing a class means sitting in on the class as an observer (rather than as a student participant). This is true of all classes, not just those offered at Greenville Technical College. Sometimes people will audit a class to decide whether or not they want to enroll in it; sometimes classes are audited to get information regarding specific information the auditor wants.

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Q: What does it means the audit a class at greenville technical college?
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Do you have to pay to audit a class?

You usually have to pay to audit a class, but not always. You are paying for the information you are receiving and the teachers time, just not the college credit.

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You take the class without earning credit.

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(A synonym for "audit" is "evaluate", which just means examine closely. It is commonly used in relation to US income taxes. Colloquially, it means to take a college course without a grade or credit.)"Claiming a cat as a dependent will almost certainly result in an audit by the IRS.""The accountant was brought in to audit the company's records.""The student was allowed to audit a math course related to engineering."

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