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Q: What does it say on Elvis headstone?
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Where did they bury Elvis Presley's brother?

Initially in an unmarked grave in Tupelo Mississippi and then, when Elvis gained fame/riches, in a marked grave with an inlaid marble marker (i.e. flat on the ground as opposed to an upright headstone).

What does it say on Freddie mercury's headstone?

"The Show Must Go On"

Did Elvis die on the day they say?

Elvis Presley died on 16th.

Who is more famous Elvis Presley or Sonic?

I would say elvis

Where do people visit Elvis presleys grave?

At Graceland. He was originally buried in a Memphis cemetery, but his grave was "vandalized" by fans and he was moved within a few days. Interesting side note --- his middle name is misspelled on his headstone.

The sims 2 read virginya's favorite headstone?

It Is by the guy where you had to dig up his charm for Annie. but anyway the headstone should be to the left of his headstone (the blank headstone). Your in for a surprise. i just got this game a couple of days ago... its really fun towards the end.

What did John Lennon say about Elvis Presley?

"If there had'nt been an Elvis, their wouldn't have been the beatles."

Whose headstone does the spirit show to Scrooge?

The spirit shows Scrooge his own headstone in the book.

What it written on Gene Rayburn's headstone?

No headstone, he was cremated and his ashes spread in the garden of his daughter's home.

When was Headstone Lane railway station created?

Headstone Lane railway station was created in 1913.

How do you say Elvis in Chinese?

Elvis 埃尔维斯 (Aī ěr wéi sī)

When did Elvis inspire people?

dosent say

Did Elvis say Michael Jackson was king?


How do you say Elvis is in the building in Hawaiian?

CORRECTED: Elvis ā eia hale [A ay-ya ha-lay]

Who is elainee Presley?

She sings Cliff Richard songs, Elvis and her own as well, many say she is related to Elvis

Are the Beatles more popular than Elvis Presley?

Personally, I would say its probably a tie. Elvis is more collected than the Beatles. But the Beatles are 100 times more talented. But, its up to you. Most people would say Elvis. But, as I said, its a tie in my opinion.

What is the difference a headstone and a grave?

A grave is the piece of ground that a body is buried in but a headstone is the piece of stone used to mark the position of the grave.

What were the dates on Winnie's headstone?


If you stand at the foot of the grave should you read the font of the headstone?

I think so. why else would you be standing at the foot of a grave? unless it's somebody you know, in which case you don't really need to read the headstone every time you visit it. Do you mean 'should you be able to read the front of the headstone?'. In that case, yes: the front part of the headstone is the part facing the grave, so if you are standing on the grave side of the headstone you'll be able to read the front.

What does William shakespeares's headstone say?

The poem Good frend for Iesvs sake forbeare,To digg the dvst encloased heare.Bleste be ye man yt spares thes stones,And cvrst be he yt moves my bones was originally carved into the stone in the church floor laid over Shakespeare's grave, so it was not really a headstone. However a copy has been set up like a headstone so it is easier for folks to read.

What can you say about Elvis Presleys music?

Almost anything you wish.

Why is Elvis Presley a mystery?

some say he faked his death

Did rex humbard give service at funeral of Elvis Presley?

Yes he did. Elvis loved to hear him speak, what ever he (Elvis) was doing when Rex Humbard came on He (Elvis) stop what ever he was doing to watch and listen to what Humbard had to say, he wanted know what this man knew...

Where can I find a firm to engrave a headstone in Milwaukee, WI?

Rock It Creations in Milwaukee, WI provides highest quality engraving headstone and stones etc.

How much does it cost to inscribe a headstone?

The prices vary from a cost per character to Free. I like to stick with Free working so I don't have to be concerned about what I say.