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Usually, new information has been found that could or would change the outcome of the case. Ask the attoney that filed to reopen the case.

I did not have an attorney but the mental health counselor lost his license recently and he finally admitted to the act. Is this sufficient to reopen? His attorney settled out of court prior to him admitting.

As long as the statue of limitations of the offense have not been exceeded.

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Q: What does it take to get a case reopened?
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If you get a speeding ticket and the case is dismissed can it be reopened?

It could be, but it is unlikely.

Can a Federal Case be reopened?

It depends on the type of case, how it was closed, when it was closed, and if you have a good reason to reopen.

If a custody case is reopened does current order remain in effect?

Until changed.

Why would someone reopen a cold case?

A cold case may be reopened because of a repeating crime with the same style of abuse. It could also be reopened for a family to know what happened to their loved one or any of their belongings.

In criminal law what does it mean when a case is reopened?

To make a long story short, it means that your case that was once settled and closed may be reopened and used against you with whatever new charge or new situation you may be going through.

Can a criminal case be dismissed at a pretrial conference in Arizona?

A case can be dismissed at any phase up until there is a verdict or a sentence on a plea has been given.Note: there are two types of dismissals.1. without prejudice - the case can be reopened and prosecution continues2. with prejudice - the case CANNOT be reopened and it's completely done.

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I would need more information to answer this question. However, I am guessing in this case, that the INS or USCIS would be able to hold someone until the reopened case has been completed. So they could potentially hold for 180 days, which is only a guideline for dealing with a case.

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As often as needed. see link