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if you see this sentence when chatting with someone on line,it probably means:do i know you? or ,do we know each other?

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No just added you from a mention

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Q: What does kennt man sich mean in German?
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Translate kennt man sich to english?

This is German for "Do we know each other?"

How can you answer in German hey kennt man sich?

Hey! Kennt man sich? translates as Hey! Do we know each other?, so depending on whether you do or not you could reply:Ja, wir kennen uns = yes, we know each otherorNein, wir kennen uns nicht = no, we don't no each other

Mit wem kann man sich wohl eher ernsthaft über Sex und Verhütung unterhalten und kennt sich besser damit aus. What does it mean and which language is this?

It is German. With whom can you best talk about sex and contraception/birth control and who knows more about it?

How can you remove freckles according to a German superstition?

If you wash yourself in frog spawn, you'll never have freckles."Wenn man sich in Froschlaich wäscht, bekommt man keine Sommersprossen."

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What does 'er lasst sich nicht lesen' mean?

Edgar Allan Poe, in his The Man of the Crowd, writes: "It was well said of a certain German book that 'es läßt sich nicht lesen'" and translates the German phrase as: it does not permit itself to be read. The neutral "es" in Poe's quote refers to the book, the neutral "das Buch" in German. "Er" however, as you write in your question is a masculine pronoun, either referring to "he" or any masculine noun. That is, the literate translation would be "he does not permit himself to be read".

What does Lieberman mean in German?

nice man kind man

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Fritz is a German name for a man, the same as Gary is for a man in the English language

What does schweiger mean in German?

"Man of few words."

What does Zwillinge-Mann mean in German?


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What does the name carol mean and Charles?

The meanings are the same. Carol (Old German) is "free man". Charles (Old German) is "free man".