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Quien (sounds like kien) means who. When spelled like this it is not in question form. Like "He is the one who called me"Él es quien me llamó."

When used in a question like who are you, the word is spelled Quién. Quién eres tú

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Kien is probably short for quien which means: Who

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Q: What does kien means in spanish?
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What does kien in spanish mean in English?

it means "Who is that?" The first word is "Quién", not "Kien" and it means "who". The second word is "es" which comes from the word "ser" which means "to be". "Es" means "he/she/it is" ese means "that"

Kien es el mejor bakebolists?

Kien es el mejor bakebolists is Spanish language which means "Bakebolists Kien is the best" in English.

What does kien esta jugando hoy mean in spanish?

It means: Who's playing today?

What does you markaste mean in Spanish?

"Tu marca" means "your brand" in Spanish.

What does kien eres komo t yamas mean?

In Spanish, "kien eres komo t yamas" translates to "who are you and what is your name?"

What does Y si kien fuera ella mean?

"Y si kien fuera ella" is a phrase in Spanish that means "And if it were her." It is commonly used to express hypothetical situations or to speculate about what might happen if a certain person were involved.

What does kien mellama de ese numero kienere mean in inglish?

That statement is in Spanish and translates to "Who is calling me from that number, who is it?" in English.

What is this in English kien lo kiere?

Quién (you spelled this kien) is the Spanish word for "who". Quiere (kiere in your spelling) is the Spanish word for he, she or you (formal) wants. The phrase "¿Quién lo quiere?" would mean "Who wants it?"

What does kien eres mean?

means hw ru

What is the birth name of Kien Cuong Nguyen?

Kien Cuong Nguyen's birth name is Nguyen Kien Cuong.

When was Peter Kien born?

Peter Kien was born in 1919.

When did Peter Kien die?

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