What does laitiers mean?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: What does laitiers mean?
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What is the population of Saint-Nicolas-des-Laitiers?

The population of Saint-Nicolas-des-Laitiers is 92.

What is the population of La Trinité-des-Laitiers?

La Trinité-des-Laitiers's population is 93.

What is the area of Saint-Nicolas-des-Laitiers?

The area of Saint-Nicolas-des-Laitiers is 7,090,000.0 square meters.

What is the area of La Trinité-des-Laitiers?

The area of La Trinité-des-Laitiers is 11.16 square kilometers.

How do you say dairy free in french?

Sans produits laitiers. :)

What has the author James A Elliott written?

James A. Elliott has written: 'Produits laitiers maison' -- subject(s): Produits laitiers, Cookery (Dairy products), Dairy products 'La mammite'

What are some dairy products in French?

Des produits laitiers means "some dairy products."Les produits laitiers means "the dairy products."Ces produits laitiers means "these dairy products."Du beurre is "some butter."Du fromage is "some cheese."De la glace is "some ice cream."Du lait is "some milk."Des yaourts is "some yogurt."

What are the different food categories in French?

Les légumes are vegetables.Les fruits are fruits.Les produits laitiers are dairy products.Les viandes are meat products.

What has the author William Kalbfleisch written?

William Kalbfleisch has written: 'La stabulation libre des bovins laitiers' 'Cost of operating farm machinery (Eastern Canada)' -- subject(s): Frais d'exploitation, Machines agricoles

What has the author W H Lynch written?

W. H. Lynch has written: 'Scientific dairy practice, or, Profitable dairy agriculture for Canadian farmers' 'Scientific butter-making' -- subject(s): Butter, Produits laitiers, Buerre, Conservation, Dairy products, Preservation

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