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latina in latin means LATIN!

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Q: What does latina mean in latin?
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What is the Latin translation of big in Latin?

if you mean just the word big then it is magnus. if you mean the phrase, "big in latin," then, depending on the word big is applied to, it could be "magnus in latina," "magna in latina," or "magnum in latina."

What do you mean by hora latina?

Latin hour.

What does Latina Omnia Vincit mean in latin?

Latin conquers all.

What is 'Latin' in Latin?

Latina, although it does not directly mean Latin, but rather 'of the Latin language, people or culture'

What does latina mean in English?

The common meaning of the word latina is a Latin American woman, i.e. a Hispanic woman.

How do you say Latin and grandmother in Latin?

Latina, avia (separetely), Latina et avia (together)

What is the capital city of latina?

There is no such country as 'Latina'. The word Latina usually refers to a woman of Latin American origin; there are many different countries in latin America.

How do you say joined in latina?

Latina? There is no such language as latina. There is a language called Latin, although it is now an extinct language.

How do you say and you in latin?

Latina, avia (separetely), Latina et avia (together)

What declension is the Latin word Latin?

First/second declension. It can be Latinus, Latina, or Latinum.This is because "Latinus" is an adjective, the name of the language is "lingua Latina."

Is comida latina a main dish?

Comida latina is a Spanish phrase that simply means 'latin food'. In this case 'latin' refers to Latin America so comida latina is food that is typical of Hispanic cultures. It can be main dishes, desserts, entrees or snacks.

Can you translate dumb charades to Latin?

blandit latina

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