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les means the and deux means two so les deux means the two

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It's "both of them" in French.

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Q: What does les deux mean in French?
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What does the English word 'both' mean in French?

tous les deux - à la fois

How do you spell both in french?

Both is spelled "les deux" in French.

What does the phrase les deux translate to in English?

The phrase "les deux" is a phrase that comes from the French language. The French phrase, "les deux" translates from French to English to the phrase "the two".

I miss you both in French?

vous me manquez tous les deux / toutes les deux

How do you say we both have brown hair in french?

nous avons tous les deux (toutes les deux for two girls) les cheveux bruns

How do you say 2 girls in french?

les deux filles

How do you say drinks for two in french?

les boissons pour deux

What does it mean by les deux pedales?

The two Pedals.

How do you say every other day in french?

tous les deux jours

How do you say I liked the first two in french?

j'aimais les deux premiers

How do you say love both in french?

j'aime les deux I love both

What does les deux sont tres beaux mean in English?

"Les deux sont très beaux" translates to "Those two are very beautiful"