What does lightning do to sand?

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It would create glass considering the heat of the lightning and that sand turns to glass when hot enough.

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Q: What does lightning do to sand?
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Is lightning attracted to sand blasting dust?

No, lightning is not attracted to sand blasting dust.

What is the rock name for sand hit by lightning?

Sand that has been melted by lightning is called fulgurite.

Is lightning attracted to sand?

No !

What actors and actresses appeared in Sand and Lightning - 1986?

The cast of Sand and Lightning - 1986 includes: Michael Tobias as Host

What happens when lightning strikes sand?

the lightning heats up the sand causing the silica in the sand to melt causing natural glassthese are called "fulgurites". and yes, this is awesome. happens in the above answer occurs when HEAT strikes sand, not lightning (although lightning has extreme heat, this is not the correct answer). Sand is considered "ground" if you are touching sand during a thunderstorm you are grounded.(: Hey!!

Can lightening make glass?

Yes, if lightning strikes sand (as on a beach), the intense heat of the lightning strike can fuse the sand into glass.

Why does sand turn to glass when struck by lightning?

Because the lightning strike is so hot it melts the sand and cools and turns into glass

What happens when lightning strikes the ground?

If lightning strikes sand, glass is formed.

Can you list of Gaara's moves?

Sand Burial Giant Sand Burial Sand Tsunami Sand Lightning Rod

What is a tube of sand formed by lightning?


What is the glass called after a lightning strike in the sand?


What is melted sand from a lightning strike called?

== == Fulgurites.

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