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What does litho mean?

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I want to know what litho means example lithosphere exactly I need to know what means litho board in box production

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Was does the prefix litho mean?

litho is a prefix, and it means " Other "

What does the prefix litho mean?


What does litho mean in lithosphere?

Litho is the Greek word for stone. Lithosphere means the solid part of the earth's surface.

What does the root word litho mean?


What does the medical terminology combining form litho- mean?


What is Litho Supplies's population?

Litho Supplies's population is 2,005.

What is the population of Litho Supplies?

Litho Supplies's population is 256.

Meaning of the word litho?

"Litho" means "rock" or "stone." An example is lithography, "writing on stone."

Is the root word for 'litho-' a latin or greek word?

It is Greek and it means 'stone'

What is litho in stamp collecting?

Litho in stamp collecting refers to the printing process called offset lithography.

In greek what does lithospere mean?

Its lithosphere. litho-sphere litho:stone , sphere:sphere,globe, ball. A sphere made from stone

What is an art shop offering?


What is a print made from stone?


What is the medical terminology combining form meaning stone?

Lith- or litho- means stone.combining form stone, calculuslitho

What does λιθος ο ορεστιας χρυσος ποιητικος mean?

λιθος ο ορεστιας χρυσος ποιητικος Litho Orestes Chrysis poetic

What is a 1931 baby gerber litho worth?


What is the prefix word for lithosphere?

Litho- which is Greek for "rocky"

What layer of the atmosphere is the sun located?

litho spherer

Words with the root word litho?

lithosphere. Lithograph Batholith.

What does the root word litho found in monolith mean?

Its the greek word for stone. (λίθος (lithos)). monolith mono-lith :one stone, single stone

What does litho mean in greek?

Stone. Lithography means (making something permanent by) writing in stone, or today it also means 'printing' (on regular paper instead of stone).

What is litholysis?

breakdown of a stone of sorts. litho--stone lysis--breakdown

What is theValue of grand union tea co litho titled purity?

$ -555'555'555'555'555'555'550

How much is a peter max mick jagger litho worth?

3 billiom

Is a1968 litho of JFK rfk worth anything?

i do not know, rhats why i am asking