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Que llevas... --- (That) you are taking with you.

"Que llevas..." is quite different from "¿Qué llevas? / qué llevas"

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Q: What does llevan mean in spanish?
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What is the Spanish 'que llevan' in English?

The Spanish phrase "que llevan" translates to "that they wear" or "that they carry" in English. It is a conjugation of the verb "llevar," which means "to wear" or "to carry."

How do you say many Spanish women where lots of riffles in Spanish?

muchas mujeres españolas llevan muchos rifles

How do you say you wear in spanish?

llevar is the Spanish verb for "to wear."está llevando is he/she/it is wearing

What is the phrase 'what are you wearing' when translated from English to Spanish?

"What are you wearing?" in Spanish is ¿Qué lleva / llevan / llevas / lleváis puesto?" Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

Que llevan los estudiantes?

What are the students wearing?

How do you say My mom and dad have been married for 19 years in Spanish?

My mom and dad have been married for 19 years: Mis padres llevan diecinueve años de casados.

What does uds llevan todo en la mochila mean?

It depends on whether the words were said as a question or as a simple statement. If it was a question then it means: 'Do you have everything in the backpack?' It if was a statement then it means: "You have everything in the backpack."

What does domino mean in Spanish?

what does domino mean in spanish

What does the name Antonia mean in Spanish?

Antonia in spanish mean Flower or Flor in spanish

What does think mean in Spanish mean in Spanish?

pensar = to think

What does GAGA in spanish mean?

It doesn't have any mean in spanish.

What does you mean the most in spanish?

What does u mean the most in spanish