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What does lo que mean?

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lo que means:What?!

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What does Que lo que mami mean?

It is not grammatical. It means: "that that which mommy" Que lo que mami (substandard Spanish)

What does lo que paso mean in spanish?

Lo que pasó means "that which happened," or "what occurred." Lo que pasó es que hablábamos= What happened is (that) we were talking

What does mira lo que tengo mira lo que tengo mean?

Look at what I have look at what I have.

What does dama lo que quiero mean?

I think you mean 'dame lo que quiero'. That's Spanish for 'Give me what I want'.

What does lo que tengo que hacer para que mean?

Apparently it means - I have to do to.

What does mira mira que lo que mean?

Look, look! What ....

What does sea lo que sea mean in English?

Spanish sea lo que sea means "come what may".

What does 'Mira Que lo Que' mean in English?

Look! What I...

What does wtf mean in spanish?

que significa lo que la cogida

What does lo que haces mean in spanish?

it means what you do

What does lo que estรก hablando mean?

what he (or she) is saying

What does lo que idiota mean?

its stupid, or you and what an idiot

What does por que no piensan lo mismo que hago mean?

why they do not think the same i do

Does Demi Lovato sind lo que soy?

if you mean if demi lovato sing lo que soy she does. shes half Mexican

What does por que no puede ver que lo que quiero mean?

"por que no puede ver que lo que quiero" in Spanish means "so that you can't see what I want" or "so that he/she can't see what I want"

How so you say what ever in Spanish?

Lo que sea Lo que fuera-fuese Lo que fuere

What does eso es lo que hago mean in English?

This is what I do.

What does Es lo que pienso mean?

"It's what I think."

What does Que quiere decir lo que estoy haciendo EL SR mean?

What does 'I am doing EL SR' mean

What does eres lo que tanto esperaba lo que en suenos buscaba Y que en ti descubri mean?

you are what I've been waiting for,what i was looking for in my dreams and i find it in you.

What does por lo tanto ya que quiere que you lo van a hacer para que eso suceda mean?

and therefore he wants you going to do for that to happen OR and that therefore they will want me to do for that to happen

What does oy e q lo q mami mean in spanish?

You meant:¡Oye! Que lo que mami (quisiera)--- Hey! What mummy (wanted)

How do you say I am not sure I get what you mean in spanish?

No creo que entiendo lo que Ud. quiere decir.

What does dame lo que quiero mean?

It means "give me what I want."

What does this mean daria lo que fuera?

I would give anything