What does logos mean in Greek?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Logos means the "Word".

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Q: What does logos mean in Greek?
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What does the Jewish word logos mean?

Logos refers to the Word of God. Clarification: The word 'logos' is not Jewish, it is Greek in origin.

What does the Greek word logos mean?

Word of life.

What do the words myth and logos mean in Greek?

legend , speech

What is logos in English?

"Logos" is the Greek word for "word". We generally use the word "logo" to mean "an image that's associated with a word, an idea, or a company".

What is the Greek root word for logos?

The Greek root word for logos is "logos" (λόγος), which translates to "word" or "speech." It is often used in philosophy and theology to refer to the principle of reason and rationality.

What is the greek word for message?


Where does the prefix logos orignate from?


Is the word LOGY Greek or Latin?

You probably mean the English word termination -logy, which is not a word on its own. It derives from Greek logos, a word, discourse or discussion.

What is the Greek name of the word LOGO?


What is logos?

Logos is a Greek term that refers to the use of logic, reasoning, and evidence to support an argument. It is one of the three modes of persuasion in classical rhetoric, alongside ethos (appeal to ethics) and pathos (appeal to emotion). In communication, logos helps to make a point more persuasive and credible.

What is the meaning of LOgos and rhema?

Logos and rhema are both Greek New Testament words that are usually translated as word. They do have different meanings though. Logos would generally mean written word while logos would generally mean spoken word. usually the New Testament uses logos to speak of the written word of God, that is the scriptures and rhema usually means the spoken or quickened word of God.

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