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Flour and Water mixed together, or wall paper paste. :]

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Q: What does mache taste like?
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What do java plums taste like?

It tastes like a watermelon seed inside a coffee cup, wraped in paper mache

What is the plural of mache?

Maches is the plural of mache

How do you spell paper mache or papier mache?

It's spelled papier-mache, or papier-mâché.

How do you make a paper mache sphynx?

with paper mache

What is a papier mache suitcase?

a papier mache suitcase is a suitcase made using the paper mache technique.

Can paper mache burn?

Yes paper mache can burn.

Can you pant on paper mache?

You may paint on paper mache.

What is mache?

'Mache' is an alternative term that refers to corn salad.

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the uses of papier mache are endless. It can be used for making masks, figuirines, sculptures, ornaments as well as party things like pinatas.

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How do you use papier-mache in a sentence?

I know how to make paper - mache out of napkins.

How can you paper mache crops?

how to paper mache crops what types of crops are easy

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