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In Spain "manejando" derives from the verb manejar which means "to manage" or "to handle" so it means "managing" or "handling".

In some parts of Spanish America it is more often used to mean "driving" ( a vehicle ) instead of "conduciendo" from the verd "conducir" ( to drive ).

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Q: What does manejando mean in Spanish?
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What does mean handling in Spanish?

"handling" in Spanish means "manejando"i.e. "She was handling the situation very well." "Ella estaba manejando la situacion de una buena manera."

How do you spell driving in Spanish?

Driving in Spanish is: manejando OR conduciendo.

How do you say Drive in spanish?

manejar conducir

How do you say I am driving in Spanish?

Estoy conduciendo. Estoy manejando.

El policia esta manejando means what in spanish?

The policeman is driving.

He's driving fast in spanish?

"Esta manejando bien rapido."

How do you say she was driving in spanish?

"Ella manejaba" "Ella estaba manejando"

How do you say How are you coping with the weather in spanish?

¿Cómo estás manejando con el tiempo?

How do you say I like to drive in Spanish?

'Drive' in Spanish is maneja.

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