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To hit them really hard, as if hitting them with a sandbag

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Q: What does mean to sandbag somebody?
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How much does a sandbag weigh?

That depends on how much sand is in it. You should be more specific to what kind of sandbag it is.

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Any person at any athletic level can benefit from the ulitmate sandbag. It is a good exercise for anyone who is able to handle picking up the sandbag. You do not have to be very ahletic to use one.

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You can't play as the sandbag. (EDIT) Yes, by doing action replay.

Can you play as sandbag on smash bros melee?

Sandbag is not a playable character on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it was made to be more of a punching bag.

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Can you play as sandbag in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

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Believe it or not there are websites that feature sandbag workout routines. One certified workout is at: Sandbags are a great way to lose weight.

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I have never heard of a sandbag workout. Your best bet would be to check with the local gym and see if they offer an instructional class to demonstrate how it works.

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He doesn't like you keep hurting him like kicking him every morning trust me I know, try telling him

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