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What does mms mean on a mobile phone?

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MMS on a mobile phone means Multimedia Messaging Service. It contains the ability to send videos, pictures and music in a message. It is a further development of the SMS.

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Use MMS. Its the same as sending an sms message. You use mms instead of sms

you have to download the instant messanger. Or you have to have internet on your phone.

You can send free MMS from your PC to any mobile phone in India, using your own content or bollywood / cricket pictures, on MMS-Club -

SMS=Short Message System MMS=Multimedia Messaging Service

You must activate your MMS configuration from your carrier for you to open your MMS.

The same way as you would on any other mobile phone - the phone itself decides what kind of incoming message it is - and sorts it accordingly.

Did you first check your cell phone service plan to see if it supports MMS service. If your service plan does not support MMS services even if you have an MMS enabled phone, you cannot send or receive MMS.

If SMS is disabled for your phone you cannot send MMS

No, as long as your mobile is connected to your mobile telephone network and your mobile is set up for and is capable of receiving Multi Media Messages (MMS), you will be fine and will recieve your pictures via MMS. Other ways is transferring from a computer to your mobile (no internet required) or via Bluetooth (your mobile must have Bluetooth).

A mobile phone is a portable phone that is not connected to a land line.

You can view the MMS you've sent on your mobile device

Multimedia Message - has pictures, videos, or music in the message

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Mms net sa to retirieve it mobil No +966507959082

it is a mobile phone detector

I want to open mms which I have received to my phone pls. need help

MMS regarding cell phone messages stands for Multimedia Message Service.

mobile means portable, phone is used to communicate. so the mobile phone is giving us the meaning that the communication device which is can be portable.

It varies depending on your phone. Some phones may not support MMS messaging.

It means a call from one cell (mobile) phone to another cell (mobile) phone. Some companies offer free calls from one mobile to another mobile phone using the same service.

Either send by MMS (instead of standard text) - or - if both phones are Blue-tooth enabled, send via Bluetooth.

The criteria that must be met in order for it to work normally throughout the entire procedure is a long list. If these are not all met then the receiver may experience problems with the message they receive. e.g Half of an image may be received. These things happen due to the compatibility with the senders phone with MMS and the receivers with MMS. They may also use different file formats in their audio, video or images which cannot be used on a different mobile. If both the sender and the receiver had the same type of phone and which is a relatively modern phone with MMS compatibility then no problems should be experienced.

through bluetooth, infra red, or MMS

If you mean a mobile phone or cellphone, then yes.