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MMS on a mobile phone means Multimedia Messaging Service. It contains the ability to send videos, pictures and music in a message. It is a further development of the SMS.

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Q: What does mms mean on a mobile phone?
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How do you send a photo made by a mobile phone to another mobile phone?

Use MMS. Its the same as sending an sms message. You use mms instead of sms

What are the availability of mobile phone?

Call SMS MMS Apps

How can you send mms from my PC to mobile phones in India free of cost?

You can send free MMS from your PC to any mobile phone in India, using your own content or bollywood / cricket pictures, on MMS-Club -

What does MMS mean when texting on a smart phone?

SMS=Short Message System MMS=Multimedia Messaging Service

I got mms from mobile how can i open?

You must activate your MMS configuration from your carrier for you to open your MMS.

How do you setup att mms on blackberry pearl the pearl is a unlocked phone from t-mobile?

you have to download the instant messanger. Or you have to have internet on your phone.

How do you receive mms on i phone?

The same way as you would on any other mobile phone - the phone itself decides what kind of incoming message it is - and sorts it accordingly.

How can you see mms from your mobile?


I recently traded my plain Jane phone for an MMS enabled phone. But I am not able to send or receive MMS messages from my phone I really dont know where the problem is.?

Did you first check your cell phone service plan to see if it supports MMS service. If your service plan does not support MMS services even if you have an MMS enabled phone, you cannot send or receive MMS.

If sms is disabled for your phone can you send mms?

If SMS is disabled for your phone you cannot send MMS

What does mobile phone mean?

A mobile phone is a portable phone that is not connected to a land line.

Do you need internet too receive pictures on your cell phone?

No, as long as your mobile is connected to your mobile telephone network and your mobile is set up for and is capable of receiving Multi Media Messages (MMS), you will be fine and will recieve your pictures via MMS. Other ways is transferring from a computer to your mobile (no internet required) or via Bluetooth (your mobile must have Bluetooth).

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