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Wrong: It is the name of a family that produces champagne: Moet et Chardnon.

Correct: moet comes from the verb moeten (have to, or must).

Ik moet = I have to or I must.

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Q: What does moet mean in Belgium?
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What are the different types of moet?

There are four different Moet's they are ; 1.Moet Brute Imperial 2.Moet Rose Imperial 3.Moet Nectar Imperial & 4. Moet Grand Vintage

What does vaardighede moet jy het mean?

"Vaardighede moet jy hê" is actually Afrikaans, a daughter language of Dutch. It means: you have to have skills. It is an inverted sentence, the normal phrase being: "Jy moet vaardighede hê".

Are the words 'gevra' and 'moet' Afrikaans and if so what do they mean in English?

Yes,both are Afrikaans words.The first "gevra" means "asked" and the second "moet" means "must".

How tall is Moet Meira?

Moet Meira is 5' 2".

When was Moet born?

Moet was born in 1979, in Michigan, USA.

Where is it possible to buy Moet Chandon wines?

It is possible to purchase Moet Chadon wines from retailers such as Tesco. Online retailers such as Master of Malt, My Supermarket, and the official Moet websites sell Moet Chadon wines as well.

When was Moet Meira born?

Moet Meira was born on October 5, 1970, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

What types of champagne does Moet offer?

The company Moet offers several types of champagne. Some types of champagne that Moet offers are Imperial, Rose Imperial, Grand Vintage 2004, and Discover champagnes.

If you were born in Belgium does that mean you are Belgium?

People born in Belgium are called Belgians

Which is more expensive Moet or Krug?

Krug is by far the most expensive, the regular Krug is 3x as expensive as the regular Moet

How many bottles are in a box of Moet Chandon?

6 I sell moet Chandon in my store in nyc herald square

Is Moet champagne ruined if it freezes?