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What does monastery mean?

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A monastery represents spiritual knowledge, beacon of light for rattled, the confused and for spiritual luminaries as well.A symbol of Hope and non-violent way of life demonstrating compassion!

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Do convent and monastery mean the same?

No, a convent is for women, a monastery is for men.

What does the name abbot mean?

abbot is the superior of monastery

What is the name of a monasterie?

I believe you may mean "monastery" and if so, a monastery is a house of religion where communities of monks or nuns may live.

What does the word monastery mean?

nothing residence of a religious community

What is the Buddhists holy building?

What is one called, you mean? Possibly you mean a pagoda or a temple or a monastery.

Who is the head of a monastery?

An Abbot in a male monastery, and an Abbess in a female monastery (convent).

What is the plural of monastery?

The plural of monastery is monasteries.

What is a sentence for monastery?

I am a monastery clergy that is tired

When was The Monastery created?

The Monastery was created in 1820.

What does the word matins mean?

It's Latin and means 'morning prayers' particularly in a monastery.

Who works at a monastery?

The people who work in a monastery are monks.

Who works in a monastery?

The people who work in a monastery are monks.

A monastery is governed by an what?

A monastery is governed by an abbot or an abbess.

A monastery is governed by who?

The monastery is governed by Dalai Lama

What is a buddist monastery?

A monastery that is used to worship buddhism.

What was a monastery or nunnery?

Monastery is for priest and nunnery is for nuns

What is a leader of a monastery?

which kind of monastery? the leader in a Catholic monastery is an Abbot. you'd have to do some more research to find out what the highest rank monk in a Buddhist monastery is named.

Who is the deputy head of a monastery?

The deputy head of a monastery is the, "Prior." This is the monk that is in charge after the Abbot. The Abbot is the head of the monastery.

What is a monastery principal called?

An Abbot or Archimandrite in a male monastery, and an Abbess or Mother Superior in a female monastery or convent.

Is the Vatican a monastery?

No, the Vatican is a city and independent country but not a monastery.

Why did bear leave the monastery?

Because a monastery is for the monks, not the monkeys!! :)

Is the pope the leader of a monastery?

No, an abbott or abbess is the head of a monastery.

When was Bukovo monastery created?

Bukovo monastery was created in 13##.

When was Drigung Monastery created?

Drigung Monastery was created in 1179.

When was Gonchen Monastery created?

Gonchen Monastery was created in 14##.