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As a long term Schedule 2 opiate patient (Duragesic 200mcg, 100mg Demerol, Percocet 10/325's, MS Contin 30mg's, etc., over the past 10 years) I can tell you that over time as your body becomes dependent, you'll eventually feel pretty normal until the time your levels start getting low and you feel withdrawals. Like you, I considered a pump, but in my case it wasn't deemed a realistic option. I never liked the problems associated with it either.

There aren't many studies concerning long term opiate use, in part because most high dose users tend to be terminally ill. I'm one of the anomalies, having had major spinal problems for many years. All opiates are morphine derivatives (except for synthetics), so it makes no difference which variation of the drug your taking - all of them do the same thing.

The biggest problem I've had to contend with over the years is mood swings, but that's typical of most opiates. It's important that your family and friends are aware of this problem, since it can happen at any time. Prior to being disabled, I was a Karate instructor and learned much about mental control of pain, and how to increase pain tolerance. While this helps considerably, for those of us in constant pain, your mental barriers and chemical controls will not always work - remember that the pain is always there, and the morphine only alters your brain's perception. Eventually those barriers break down, and it comes out in the form of mood swings. My wife and daughter have learned over the years to just close my door and leave me alone, as they know it's the drugs and not really me. Many families fail to deal with this early on and as a result do not make it.

Constipation and urination problems are another - they'll be with you as long as you're taking it in any form. My solution is chocolate pudding or ice cream. Lemonade will go through you as well.

It's important to keep your kidneys and liver healthy as well to ensure your body is filtering it out of your system. Cranberry juice is great for that, or just a lot of water. Keep yourself hydrated.

The longer you're dependent, the longer it will take to end your dependence if at some point you're able to down the road. The key is to drop your opiate level slowly over a period of weeks or months, using oral doses in smaller quantities to help deal with the withdrawals. At some point though, you'll need to deal with withdrawals in force, and it's not fun. Anti-anxiety and anti-nausea meds will help, as well as a sedative. I spent most of this past year lowering my levels from 200mcg fentanyl and my usual 4-6 Percocet 10/325's daily (for the past 9 years), and a total of about 4 weeks of withdrawals to get off of my patches. It takes the body about a month to recover, so if you can do it, make sure that you've got someone around who can help, and that your schedule is clear for the duration. Opiates alter the brain's perception of not only pain, but your own strength. If you're weak physically at the time, you'll be pretty weak as it leaves your system, but eventually you'll bounce back as your system recovers.

In the end though, it comes down to quality of life, and I resigned myself long ago to the possibility I'd require opiates for the rest of my life. We're all on a journey toward death anyway - how we get there, and what we're able to do in that time is the important thing. If it takes opiates to do it, then so be it.

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Q: What does morphine do to the body after long-term use?
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Does morphine make you sleepy?

Yes, if your body isn't use to it.

How does morphine effect the human body?

Morphine affects the human body by getting high

What is the origin of melanoma?

It is cancer of the skin and it can come from longterm overexposure to the sun without sunscreen or people can get it from longterm use of tanning beds.

Does heroin turn into morphine after its injected into the body?

Heroin is metabolized into morphine inside the body. Heroin is the 3,6-diacetyl ester of morphine, and these ester groups are cleaved in vivo to produce morphine.

Can taking morphine for a long time be harmful to your body?

Yes, taking morphine for long periods of time can be harmful to the body.

How does alcohol affect the body longterm?

Alcohol can cause several liver diseases.

Is morphine a painkiller?

Yes but it is also drug. morphine was originally for persevering dead body's

Does morphine show up as heroine in a drug test?

Well...Morphine, heroin, codeine and any other drug made from opium poppies shows up as the same thing: Morphine. Opiates go through a two-phase metabolism in your body. The first is where the body converts any opiate that isn't already morphine to morphine. Once that's done - it's VERY quick - your body then uses the morphine.

Can 5mg of morphine a day affect a person?

Yes. Habituation & tolerance will develop. Basically the body adjusts to having this morphine in the body every day. If the morphine dose is suddenly stopped, the body will react to its absence: this is known as withdrawal.

What are effects of prolonged use of morphine?

Nothing unless you abused the morphine

Is morphine in heroin?

No, not unless the chemical process used to make it was less than precise. Heroin is made from morphine, and heroin converts to morphine in the body.

Why do people make morphine?

Morphine is used to make people not feel pain. It numbs your body and tends to cause people to fall asleep during surgery. Doctors use it when doing surgery. Dentists use it when taking wisdom teeth out.

Can you use morphine intravenously?

Yes, you can use morphine intravenously and it will show rapid effect. On the other hand, morphine will show slower effect if it's given intramuscularly.

What will call a false positive drug test for morphine?

Several drugs metabolize to morphine in the body, and will cause a positive result. Codeine and Heroin are the two main chemicals that will have morphine metabolites. This is NOT a false positive, as morphine can be in your body if you've taken those chemicals.

Can long term use of morphine cause skin?

No. Most people have skin regardless of whether or not they use morphine.

How many teens use morphine?

Morphine is not commonly abused among teens.

Can you take liquid morphine orally?

Only if the preparation is designed for oral use. i.e do not take IV morphine orally, or oral morphine through an IV line. But yes, you can get morphine designed for oral use - it's "Oramorph".

What does morphine show up as on 12 panel drug test?

Morphine shows up as opiates. In the body, all opiates besides morphine are actually prodrugs--drugs that turn into something else, and what they turn into is morphine.

What are the longterm effects of codeine?

addiction is what you will get with long term use of codeine its an opiad

What drug has the same effect as codeine?

Codeine is metabolized into morphine in the body so morphine should have similar effects.

What are the impacts on society of morphine?

Morphine gives you greater amounts of endorphin and enkephalin wich are the body's natural painkillers.

What are longterm effects of morphine use after surgery?

The nurse or doctor that is giving you morphine after your surgery has it down to a fine art and they will give you just enough to take the edge off and then start slowly weaning you off of it with no ill effects.My husband just had 4 injections of morphine and he had been weaned off by the next afternoon and didn't even know it. The pain was gone and he had no withdrawal symptoms. They often start you out on Morphine for the worst part of the pain after surgery and then wean you off and put you on another pain medication that will get rid of the pain, but it non addictive. When you get your morphine ask the nurse or doctor to give you Gravol along with it so you don't get an upset stomach.

Why do people use morphine?

People use morphine as a pain suppressant. A lot of hospitals use morphine because it's a very efficient drug and cost-friendly. It does a good job treating pain and widely tolerated by patients. Morphine is also effective in treating dyspnea, or shortness of breath.

What does morphine do to your body?

It makes your whole body feel like Charlie Sheen

If you pass a drug screen for oxycodone can you pass it for opiates?

No, Most basic drug urine tests that test for "opiates" detect morphine , which both heroin and codeine break down into (The opiate drug tests look for codeine, morphine, and 6-acetyl-morphine). Morphine is not a major metabolite of oxycodone.But habitual use of oxycodone may leave enough morphine in the body to be detected. So you can pass for oxycodon but fail for opiates.

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