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good job or something of that variety

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Q: What does mosh Allah mean in Arabic?
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What does mosh tam am mean in Arabic?

not perfect

What does the Arabic word Allah mean?


What does the name Abdallah mean?

Abdallah means 'Servant of Allah' or "Human of Allah" where "Allah" means GOD in Arabic.

What does kwais Noshkor Allah mean?

This is an Arabic sentence (slang Arabic), it means " fine,all praise is for God "Allah"". it's often said as a reply on the question "how are you?".

Mosh adra astanna translation?

This is an Arabic sentence, and it means: I can't wait

What does Noshkur Allah mean?

Translation: We thank God. Original Arabic (نشكر الله)

Who named Allah?

Allah is the Arabic word for "God".

Who was the word of god revealed to in Muslim?

Allah is the Muslims word for God. However, Allah is the Arabic word of God, the same God for Jews and Christians. In the Arabic version of the Bible, it is used the word Allah for God. Arab Christians say Allah (as God in English) and they say in Arabic 'Isa Ibn Allah' that means Jesus son of God (Isa in Arabic is Jesus, Ibn in Arabic is son, and Allah in Arabic is God).

What does the Arabic 'ibn' or 'ibin' mean?

In Arabic, it means "son of". for example : ibn Abbas means: the son of Abbas. Abd Allah ibn Abbas: the first name is "abd allah" and his father is "abbas". which means Abd Allah is the son of abbas.

What do the letters for Allah in Arabic mean Is the W or shem type letter a tooth. The first letter on the right- does it picture a tent peg like the Hebrew vav?

You are mixing Hebrew images with Arabic images. the letters for Allah in arabic spell the word "Allah" phonetically. There is no Shin (ש) in Allah, although shin does mean "tooth". There is no Vav (ו) in Allah, although Vav does mean tent peg. The letter tha looks like Vav is actually the Arabic Alif (ا), and the letters that look like shin are actually two lams ( ل ل ) which have the sound of L.

What is Arabic Allah?

Allah is an Arabic words which means God. It is used by Muslims as well as Arab Cristians.

What does the name Hibba mean and how it is written in Arabic?

It come from the word in Arabic hibbatallahwhich means gift from Allah therefore Hibba means gift