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Nadeshiko is a European flower, known in Japan as a Japanese dianthus, which is a pink carnation.

Often used as a common girl's name or in the term Yamato nadeshiko which means the personification of the ideal woman.

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Q: What does nadeshiko mean in Japanese?
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What is Nadeshiko Pink?

Nadeshiko is the Japanese term for carnation. Therefore, 'Nadeshiko Pink' is just a name of a color that is similar to that of the flower.

What is the name of nadeshiko fujisaki's dance from shugo chara?

Nadeshiko Fujisaki's dance in Shugo Chara is called "Traditional Japanese Dance." It is a beautiful and graceful style of dance that she is skilled at performing throughout the series.

What does the name Nadeshiko mean?

fringed pink carnation

Is nadeshiko a boy?

nadeshiko is a boy, nadeshiko real name is naghiko

Do Nadeshiko Fujisaki have guardian in shugo chara?

nadeshiko has 2 eggs but they havent hatched out yet :-(

Why did Nadeshiko dress up like a guy?

Because nadeshiko is actually nagihiko , and nagihiko is a boy

What actors and actresses appeared in Nadeshiko-no-hana - 2012?

The cast of Nadeshiko-no-hana - 2012 includes: Yuka Takeshima

Did Nadeshiko have a twin brother?

Amu still believes nagihiko is nadeshiko's twin brother,even though they are one in the same.My guess is that nadeshiko doesn't have a twin,I am still on episode 81,so I'm not done.On episode 56, nadeshiko came back,dress as a boy or pretend to be one for the jack chair.

What episode of shugo chara party does rima meet shideshiko?

shideshiko? I think you're meaning Nadeshiko. It is episode 109, <Welcome Back! Nadeshiko!>

Is nadeshiko fujisaki a boy dressed as a girl?

No nadeshiko Is A Girl Only Girls get girl guardian chara's Yes Nadeshiko is a boy dress as a girl because in the Fujisaki family boys must dress as girls in order for them to learn how to dance. It even tells you that he is a boy in episode 56

What actors and actresses appeared in Namban nadeshiko - 1933?

The cast of Namban nadeshiko - 1933 includes: Kitsunosuke Bando as Sae Okonogi Yukiko Inoue as Ami Sumao Ishihara as Hanshichi

What episode in shugo chara did Nadeshiko tell amu that he was really Nagihiko?

In episode 25 of Shugo Chara, Nadeshiko reveals to Amu that she is actually her male cousin Nagihiko who disguises himself as Nadeshiko. This revelation leads to a deeper understanding between Amu and Nagihiko.